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Extraordinary Girl, Extraordinary Thought and Extraordinary Book

        I have got hold of an extremely wonderful book, The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping.   Why is it called “The Second Declaration”? Wang Xiaoping says there are two declarations in mankind’s history.        The first declaration is to declare where mankind came from. In order to survive and develop in the threat of natural […]

The Second Declaration that the future determines the present

The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping elucidates the truth that the future determines the present. In such an era characterized by great changes, everyone should learn to understand the future, cope with the future and manage the future. In the author’s writing, the future is so fascinating. In a vivid style of writing, she opens […]

THE SECOND DECLARATION combines Confucianism and Taoism the Souls Of Chinese Culture

In fact, the book THE SECOND DECLARATION is a very important work that combines the souls of Chinese culture and the features of modern times. Chinese culture embodies on Confucianism and Taoism in its souls. Confucianism refers to “kindheartedness, harmony and cooperation” in its core thought, while Taoism to “Cultivate Yourself to be Immortal”. Modern […]

An Open Letter to US President George W. Bush

Dear President Bush:       Please accept my greeting!       I am an ordinary Chinese Man fond of thinking and caring about the future of mankind and the future of the world. Today, I have just got my newly published book The Second Declaration, and what occurred to my mind first was to send a copy to you. […]