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Capability Panic Book Summary: New Teaching & Learning Methods & Strategies

Book Summary: Capability Panic, a Bestselling Book Which Introduces New Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies, Adopts the Methodology of Wholism and Simplism in Teaching Education. A book about teaching methods, teaching strategies and learning requirements.

Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition & Stone Carvings Inscription from China

Find Stone Carvings Inscription from China, visit Chinese Calligraphies and Paintings Exhibition. Study Yin Shoushi’s inscription on the Shijiaotu copied by Wu Jingzhou. In Memory of Chinese Art Paintings by Artists of Three Generations of the Wu’s Family.

Exhibition of Chinese Paintings & Calligraphies Wu Style Classical Drawing

Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphies by Artists of Three Generations of the Wu’s Family: his innovation to Chinese painting skills was based on his inheritance of traditional Chinese painting skills and was quite different with innovations, which did not follow any tradition.

E-banking Platform: Information Form of Corporate Loan Account

E-banking Platform: Information Form of Corporate Loan Account. The corporate loan account includes the loan account of corporate branches. If the form is filled in, you can inquire the loan account of the corporate and the detailed information of the affiliated branches of Great China State Bank.

Business Internet Banking Service: Information Form of Common Account

Business Internet Banking Service: Information Form of Common Account Other than Enterprises or Groups. The accounts other than enterprises or groups refers to that of the enterprises with which your corporation has frequent financial exchange.

Business Online Banking Service: Application Form for Registration of Corporate Client

Business Online Banking Service: The applicant declares that the contents filled in the table are completely accurate and guarantees to abide by the Constitution of GCSB E-bank and to implement the Service Agreement of GCSB E-banking Services.

Online Banking Service Guide: Constitution of E-banking Services

Great China State Bank opens E-banking businesses, providing clients with financial services by Internet. Clients can apply to the appointed offices of GCSB for using the E-bank system.

German Legal System Shaped by Legal Practice on Jurisdiction

The historical reason for the particular significance of legal dogmatics in the German legal culture relates to the still active influence of the so-called Historical Law School (Historische Rechtsschule)

Legal Dogmatics & Characteristic Features in German Legal Culture

The Significance of Legal Dogmatics in German Legal System. When we look for the characteristic features of the German legal culture, we encounter in the first place the qualities which it shares with other legal cultures of continental Europe.

Appeal Case Against Corruption Criminal Written Judgment: Acquittal

Appeal Case Against Corruption by Lu Xinxian, Criminal Written Judgment of Second Instance (Acquittal). Nanning Municipal Intermediate People’s Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Criminal Written Judgment.