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Most Fundamental Way to Meet an Emergency

The wisdom classics titled THE BOOK OF CHANGES puts forward three changes. One shall make use of the thinking mode of easy change, and choose and master that of no change, to meet the requirements of hard change of the time.

Chinese Antiques Stamps: Bronze Wares of Eastern Zhou Dynasty

Bronze wares of the Eastern Zhou: Novelty and magnificent modeling. Bronze wares are not only a gem of Chinese ancient civilization, but also a great contribution by Chinese people to the world civilization.

Free Will Quotes: Whosoever Understands the Times Is a Great Man

Free Will Quotes: A time of knowledge explosion, knowledge sharing, instant communications and instant inquiry. This decides the center of our learning. Keep the same pace with time.

Most Beautiful Female Chinese Writer: Quit School and Write Books

Wang Xiaoping, Most Beautiful Female Chinese Writer. She quitted schooling and wrote books. This book, which characterizes in a strong technicality and originality, is often regarded as the work of an elder learner with silver-gray hairs.

Earthquake Donation Gate: Zhang Ziyi’s trouble comes from fame

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is perplexed for the so-called earthquake donation gate scandal. Why the hot actress has so many trouble these years. Her trouble, as we can say, comes from her fame.

Modeling School: Bikini Fashion Show vs Graduation Model Show

Modeling school girls have to make a graduation report show in sexy bikini swimwears before graduation, according to some newspaper. They have studied dress design for three years in a vocation school in Harbin.

Zhang Ziyi Donation Gate Scandal: Earthquake Donations Lost

Zhang Ziyi Donation Gate Scandal Irritates Fans: where did earthquake donations go? Did you steal them and buy Chihuahua for your man? A incident called Zhang Ziyi Ink Splash Gate results from her missing earthquake donations.

Japanese School Girls Astound Chinese Students for Mini Skirts

Japanese School Girls Astonish Chinese Peers for Very Short Skirts and Micro Mini Skirts. Japanese girl students get used to clapping hands over their skirts in case of exposing their bottoms to public accidently.

Be Interested in Learning Skills to Do Your Work

Why do we make learning to be opposite to pleasure? How to learn with skills? To learn with pleasure is much better than to learn with bother. But to learn with pleasure depends on to learn with skills.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Make Artists Crazy

How to Strengthen Combination of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art? Why artists like fancying and imagining? To promote combination of future science and fantasy art can stimulate our interest to seek reality.