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Hong Kong Singer Faye Wong Lip-syncing Gate Scandal

Hong Kong Singer Faye Wong embroiled in the Lip-syncing Gate Scandal in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala Evening of this year. With the identity of singing queen and unbeaten cultivation for so many years.

CCTV Presenter Dong Qing Shill Gate Scandal with Magician Liu Qian

CCTV Presenter Dong Qing embroiled in the Shill Gate Scandal with Chinese Magician Lu Chen Liu Qian in Chinese New Year. Liu Qian magic show in Chinese Spring Festival Gala Evening of this year.

Siberian Tigers Moaning for Eyes Carved out

Mo Chung fights the tiger again? Who pulled out eyes of these siberian tigers? The tigers, whose eyes had been gouged out, are crying in the cold wind, Chinese netizens angry. Do you have any sympathy?

Cute pretty nail designs for school girls

Cute pretty nail designs? Your dream may come true by following our simple nail design guide. We have some art design ideas for acrylic nails. Design your nails in accordance with these design pictures.

Easy and simple but cool nail designs for girls

Easy but cool nail designs? Which type of art design you should choose? Today you’ll learn what nail design and nail polish color you should get. Simple nail design tips for lovely girls.

Brother Sharp Xili Ge Fashion: China's Most Handsome Beggar

Brother Sharp Xilige Fashion: Who is Brother Sharp? Why is the China’s vagrant popular? How has he become the most handsome and fashionable beggar. Chinese Beggars Group Consider Him as Their Model.

Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine & Poisonous Milk: Caution

Fake H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine and Poisonous Milk Hurt your health and endanger your life. How could you stay away from unqualified H1N1 Influenza Vaccine and fake milk? Why do we need medical detectives?

Kindergarten Violence: Teacher Beats Student in Public

Kindergarten Violence: A kindergarten teacher beats her student in public. How cruel. A little boy escaped classes from his kindergarten for missing mother, but soon he was caught by a young female teacher.

Learning-Oriented Survival, New Lifestyle Concept

Learning-Oriented Survival: With changing information and hot competition, anyone has more or less the feeling of crisis from his heart. So does even Zhang Ruimin, President of Haier. In such a changing time, we must adopt the vital and new life mode.

Rate My Teacher Career: Why not to respect teachers?

Rate My Teacher: Why don’t you respect teachers? School Fights: Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict. A teacher compains the phenomemon that students and their parents do not respect teachers any more.