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Ziran Men Techniques and Philosophy (Nature Chuan)

Zi Ran Men (Nature Chuan), also known as Natural Boxing, is a Northern internal style of Kung Fu that is taught in conjunction with Qigong breathing techniques. It was created by Dwarf Xu of Sichuan Province in the late years of the Qing Dynasty. Nature Chuan is now practised in Fujian and Hunan provinces of China.

zi ran men(nature chuan) performance

zi ran men(nature chuan) performance

Ziran Men Philosophy
Zi Ran Men/nature boxing is based on ancient Taoist philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medical Theory and, most importantly, the philosophy of “One and Zero”. It combines physical training, Chi kung, meditation and combat techniques. Through training, Zi Ran Men is said to enhance the spirit of the mind, regulate the circulation of Chi and develops physical sensitivity. According to practitioners when the body is in harmony, you will live a long and healthy life.

Zi Ran Men Theory
There is no beginning or end of movement, There is no beginning or end of stillness, there is no beginning or end of change. Actual attack is hidden within fake attack, movements are within stillness, according to practitioners. When you can successfully apply these theories, you will have freedom of movement. Your attacks and defence will be fluid and agile.

Zi Ran Men Chi Kung
Chi Kung is the primary concern in Zi Ran Men. It is divided into two components: Physical training, and combat techniques. These two components combine for one purpose, which is said to enhance the health of body and mind.

Combat Techniques
Initially, students learn particular forms and follow certain rules. Through practice, these movements progress from awkward to natural. When this level is reached, you can fight successfully.

The methods of Zi Ran Men combat follow the rules of nature – apply the techniques without thought, movements come from nothing.

When still, the stance resembles an ancient Chinese General holding a decree tablet. This is known as “Bao Bei Shou”. When moving, the feet remain in the shape of the letter ‘T’ and the hands hold the form of “Ghost Hands”.

Fighting the enemy
Avoid the attack. Retaliate when his force is spent, before he has time to regather. Move when the enemy moves, attack when he attacks. Exploit the situation, be light and nimble. Attack is within defence. Defence is within attack, both real and apparent.

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