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Zhang Mengqian Making a Wish Gate Scandal on Chinese Internet

This was another outbreak of loneliness and Zhang MengqianMaking a Wish Gate Scandal” burst out of the Chinese internet.

Zhang Mengqian Making a Wish Gate Scandal

Zhang Mengqian Making a Wish Gate Scandal

Zhang Mengqian Making a Wish Gate Scandal bursts out of China’s network

According to the Internet posts, a girl student of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology (Sichuan Province, China) wrote her wish on the “wish board” in front of the school cafeteria door. She wished to find a boyfriend who could shout her name downstairs.

This incident directly led a thousands of students gathered at her downstairs for seeing what will be going on. Some one even made a human flesh search or cyber manhunt to find out the photos of the heroine. The school apartment management put up a notice. It claimed that the incident was a prank and everyone should not get close to her dormitory.

Note: This article is translated by Forrest Gump Gao Yuan, a professional interpreter basing in Yunnan Province, China. You are encouraged to republish or quote this article, but you will need to give me a credit with backlink url (link back to the original article.)

Chinese Hot Girl Zhang Mengqian Photo

Chinese Hot Girl Zhang Mengqian Photo

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