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YMAA Boston Offers Chin Na Special Class Free of Charge for Active Students

For all active YMAA students, this is a good news. YMAA Boston will now be providing the Chin Na special class free for them.  Active YMAA students are those who are already paying regular tuition (i.e. $95/month for either Shaolin or Taijiquan, or $140/month for both). Discounted rates still apply if you qualify.

chin na special class

chin na special class

Non-YMAA students can still take the Chin Na class for $20/class or $70/month. Non-YMAA students are highly encouraged to register as a full-time Shaolin/Taijiquan student for just $25 more per month ($95/month, additional one-time $45 registration fee still applies). The Chin Na class currently meets weekly on Saturdays, from 9:00am – 11:00am. We may change the time to 11:00am – 12:30pm to accommodate Pushing Hands students.

Take advantage of this great opportunity! Chin Na is one of the 4 major categories of any complete martial arts system. Jim Noble and Paul Green are our lead Chin Na instructors at YMAA in Boston. Together, they have easily almost 2 decades of training and teaching. It’s a very casual atmosphere and we’re all here to help you learn. Come on down!

Students in the children’s Shaolin class will need special permission. Free trial week permits only 1 Chin Na class.

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