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Xiuyan Jade, Rrchaic Jade and Precious Stone of China

Xiuyan Jade, Rare and Precious Stone of China. Jade is rare treasure highly cherished by Chinese nationality nation, and the best jade is archaic jade.

Archaic jade is also known as fine jade, exquisite in texture and snow-white in color. It is glittering and translucent with hues of green, blue and yellow.

Pure color, smoothly round yet sturdy texture, archaic jade resembles verdure in snow and life-giving spring breeze and rain. It is nothing but masterpiece of the great nature. For its rarity and supereminence, archaic jade is becoming famous all over the world.

The jade is named after its production place, Xiyugou Village (meaning fine jade valley) Village, Pianling Town of Xiu Yan County, Liaoning Province.

When Macao came back to our motherland, a beautiful jade sculpture named “Full Moon in Lunar September Ninth” was presented to the Government of Macao SAR as a precious gift by the Government of Liaoning Province.

Xiuyan jade is the most famous archaic jade, and is one of the four famous jades in China. It is produced from the “Town of Archaic Jade”, and it became the proud of Archaic Jade Mine.

Built in 1975, the Archaic Jade Mine is unique archaic jade mine in China. Gifted by the great nature, it produces the nature’s treasure. Chenglin Jade Mining Co., Ltd. is an archaic jade exploiter, processor and distributor in one. The company produces the best jade and creates excellent brand name in China.

Company Name: Xiuyan Chenglin Jade Mining Co., Ltd.
Address: Xiyugou Village, Pianling Town, Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province

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