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Wisdom Books: Ability Panic and The Second Declaration

After Ability Panic was published,a company’s general manager lobbied me to join his company, a magazine invited me to do planning work for them, a TV station invited me to make TV programs, some colleges and cultural organizations invited me to give lectures,some people urged me to set up a cultural company as soon as possible… In retrospect to that time, there were really quite a few chances for me, and many of them were attractive to me. Later, many famous people, such as Professor Song Kai of Sino-European International College of Industry and Commerce, Ms Feng Jiuling who wrote Megatrends in Asia in collaboration with Naisbitt, and many others who showed concern for me, thought that Ability Panic would be popular at least for another five years, so they thought it was a pity that I did not use the hot time to propagate it and do some touring lectures, losing so many good chances. They all thought even if I wanted to write a book,I should also keep on the road of Ability Panic, but should not jump to a new area I had never set foot in. Jumping to a new field,giving up everything, getting away from the uproar, rejecting many “face-showing” chances, still choosing a silent research life, why?

Just for this great subject,a subject that has been enchanting me all the time. By in-depth,  all-round and systematic studying and expounding on this subject, we can point out the direction and road for mankind’s progress, enable mankind to realize the highest common interest, so as to join up to work together for “the conscious evolution” by making the best use of the theurgy of high technology, to avoid “going down straight to hell” and the “doomsday”, to “go up straight to Heaven”, so as to open up a peaceful and happy world for thousands of generations, and enlighten the whole mankind, the whole society and the whole world.

Many readers felt strange for my “disappearance”,but I did not regret such a choice. In order to finish this book,I feel, all my abandonments and efforts are worthwhile. In a time I had the strongest dream and the greatest courage, in a moment I think as the most urgent and crucial, I wrote this book, and that is just my mission.

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