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Will is the King to Decide Your Fate

One Essence of Hero, Great Ambition Brings up Hero1 Cao Cao Warms Wine and Rates the Heroes of the Realm When we take close to heart of hero, when we take the breath of hero, we could find the essence that why hero is to be hero: from external cause, it is the time bringing up hero; from internal cause, it is great ambition bringing up hero.    2 Small ambitions causes small achievements, and big ambitions causes big achievementsBig ambition could generate three effects: the first is great drive effect; the second is sustainable development effect; and the third is focus effect. “Great will causes talent and then good course”Zhang Zai. One with big will, then one with great hope and achievements.  3 Great will is trunk, and great ambition is root Newton said “we are great for we are on bended knees.” One with great ambition are not on blended knees, but stand highly, they are all of spirit of “there is no other choice”.The depth and range of root decide the height and scale of trunk, also the shape and scale of crown of the tree. Great will is just as trunk, and magnificent course as the big crown, which depend on the root–great ambition. 4 Self Image ·Self Expectation · Self Belief The only Queen in China—Wu Zetian, had deep belief in the great prediction of fortune-teller from earlier age, and had self image of being queen; the wonderful foresighted Zhu Geliang, had regarded as Guan Zhong, Yue Yi before undertaking national issues; the excellence of Napoléon who swept up Europe also derived from the self image as General in earlier age……

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