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What will mankind become in evolution?

 Understanding yourself, the line that is the famous inscription engraved in Delphi Bethel of ancient Greece. It is regarded as more valuable than all the ethnics writings of saints of all ages, and the wisdom flame reflected by it is like a beacon light for mankind’s progress.

 Mankind has been groping very hard on the way to understand itself. Mankind’s origin is an enigma that has troubled people for a long time. People have employed all available means to find out where they came from. In ancient China,people thought humans were made by Nvwa using yellow soil;In the West, people believed God created Adam and Eve,who gave birth to children, thus, mankind came into being. It was not till 1859 that the right answer was found by Darwin: Mankind has evolved from apes.

 Thus,for the first time, mankind has given a scientific answer to the question. That is the first declaration of mankind.

 When Darwin declared this answer to the world, it was like a huge lightning, shocking the whole world. Old theories and old forces regarded it as a great scourge.

 Although Huxley won in his verbal battle with the archbishop, there occurred a noted “ape case” in USA even in 1925. A middle school teacher was judged as “guilty” by the court and got a fine of 100 US dollars, just because he taught Darwin’s evolutionism. It is only until now that the idea of “mankind has evolved from apes” has gone deep into the hearts of the people.

 In retrospect to history,it is easy to see, the process of understanding oneself is so hard.

 Of all kinds of understanding, the most important is the understanding of oneself;In understanding of oneself, the most important is the understanding of one’s own future;
 Before mankind’s future is revealed correctly, people just cannot help doing things in a rush, eager for quick success and instant benefit. As we are not clear about the goal or direction,the result might be: either fall into the trap dug by ourselves, or be busy for nothing in a muddleheaded way, wasting a huge amount of energy.

 Only by finding out the right answer to the direction of mankind can we find out the true way out and the greatest benefit for mankind.

 As materialist dialectics tells us,anything has a process of origination, development and  extinction. Mankind is no exception. Engels says:

 “Fourier and his contemporary Hegel mastered dialectics in a subtle way…Just as Kant proposed the idea that the earth would go extinct in his writings on natural science, Fourier, in his history study, proposed the idea that mankind will go extinct.”

 Mao Zedong took a step further, clearly stating:

 “Mankind came into being by birth, hence mankind will die, too…… the earth will also die. But the death of mankind or the earth mentioned by us is not like the Doomsday in Christianity. We say mankind will die, or the earth will die, because there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, which will represent a higher stage of development.”
 Here,Mao Zedong not only pointed out clearly mankind will perish,but also clearly stated that mankind’s death is just its leap forward, “as there will be more advanced things to replace mankind, which will represent a higher stage of development.”

 What is the thing that is not human but higher than human?

 We call it “race of gods”. Just as mankind is a collective concept, xianlei (race of gods) refers to the group of gods, being a collective concept.

 The word “god” represent the finest and more ideal future of mankind. There are no “gods” now,there were no “gods” in the past either,only in the future there will be “gods”. Hence,the “god” here is different from the god in religion or myths. Of course there are some similarities between them, as both are considered to be limitlessly wise, limitlessly fine, limitlessly superior, and in the position of supreme end in the universe.

 Mankind will leap to a nonhuman race higher than mankind, immortals,which is the foregone conclusion in mankind’s evolution.

 Darwin’s evolutionism has revealed that mankind has evolved from apes, and as for its future evolution direction, we should also find the answer from evolutionism.

 In a sense,study on mankind’s future is just a study on mankind’s evolution. Since mankind has grown to the present state, mankind’s power in science and technology has been great enough to change its natural evolution into artificial evolution,from passive evolution to active evolution,thus, the depth and extent of evolution may be far beyond our imagination. In general,mankind’s evolution falls into microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution is mankind’s individual evolution whereas macroevolution refers to mankind’s collective evolution. Microevolution falls into body evolution, intelligence evolution and attribute evolution. What is more noteworthy than mankind’s microevolution is mankind’s macroevolution. Macroevolution falls into society evolution, culture evolution and tool evolution. Lately,some prestigious anthropologists in the world have come to this idea:The evolutional speed of mankind as a biologic organism is slowing down, but the evolutional speed of it as a “super organism”, that is, mankind’s collective evolutionary rate, is advancing by leaps and bounds.

 Not only mankind’s evolution includes three major microevolutions and three major macroevolutions, but in general, its evolutional rate is being accelerated as well. From the foremost primate to the ancient ape of forest, it took about 30,000,000 years to 46,000,000;From the ancient ape of forest to the australopithecine (ancient ape in the south), it took about 16,900,000 years to 20,000,000;From the australopithecine to homo erectus (Peking man), it took about 3,800,000 to 100,000 years;From the primitive men to the beginning of the slave society (BC 21st-475 BC), it took about 100,000 to 7,000 years;The slave society took about 15,000 years;The feudal society took about 2500 years;The capitalist society took only 300 years;The socialist society has lasted less than 100 years.

 Mankind’s evolution at such an accelerated speed may be regarded as “evolution of the evolutionary process itself”. And it just refers to the evolution without aim and without consciousness. If it is a purposeful evolution with self-domination, that is, if we change from spontaneous evolution to self-conscious evolution, and make the best of high and new science and technology and unite all the energy of mankind, then, mankind will have a greater power to further speed up the evolution at a tremendous speed, so, it will be more probable to evolve into the extremely high level and the boundless beautiful world very soon.

 The eminent scientist of the former USSR, B N Hifuloff said:

 “In the past,the inorganic natural world completed its transition to the life natural world: With silicon, granite and sand, it was possible for living cells to appear. It was the first leap. The second Leap was the transition from the life of simple biology to intelligence, thus, humans appeared. Now we are living at the beginning of the third leap.”

 “The third leap” indicates something that is not mankind but higher than mankind, and that is just what we call “xianlei(immortals)”. “We are now at the beginning of the third leap”,that is to say, today, we are just at the great turning point of evolution from mankind to immortals.

 At first, there was no human on the earth. From apes to humans,it was a great leap on the earth. Several million years ago, the ancient apes were just monkeys jumping about tree branches, and were in the danger of being swallowed by fierce beasts at any moment and place… But now, from the caves and thatched cottages, people have evolved to such a state: they have built up skyscrapers one after another, spider-web-like dense highways, crisscross overpass bridges; what they use for travel are automobiles, trains and planes; in communication,they use beep-pagers, mobile phones, videophones and so on; from boring wood to get fire to controlling the atomic energy that can destroy mankind for score of times… Today’s mankind cannot be named on the same day with our ancestors! In comparison, how petty the apes were and how great mankind is! Could the apes and primitive men imagine today’s condition of mankind? Even the people of several hundred years ago or one hundred years ago could not imagine today’s picture, let alone the primitive men! The already realized evolution is so hard to imagine, then, the would-be evolution, evolution of mankind to immortals, will be very hard to image for today’s people, but is very possible at the same time!

 The gene difference between mankind and apes is only about 2%.But it is just this small difference of 2% that makes mankind differ from apes in intelligence, behavior, and mentality and so on, as greatly as between heaven and earth. The gene difference between mankind and immortals may be also about 2% only. Today,by using the huge power of science and technology, the “God” in the new era, we can not only solve the 2% of the puzzling problems, but also completely solve the rest of the problems that are much more than the 2%.

 Today,mankind’s wisdom, power and conditions are thousands or millions of times greater than mankind’s low ancestors, and we are fully able to achieve another leap, a great leap controlled by ourselves.

 Now, automatically, a saying by Huxley has crossed my mind:

 “Once those who are good at thinking are liberated from the blinding traditional bias, they will find the best proof of mankind’s great power different from mankind’s low-grade ancestors;And from mankind’s long process of evolution, they will find the reasonable ground for mankind’s confidence in reaching a grander future.”

 In retrospect to mankind’s evolution history,our answer is: Mankind has evolved from apes, and it will certainly evolve to immortals. It is an answer resulting from the earnest, in-depth and careful thinking on mankind’s past and future.

 Mankind will evolve into immortals, and we should consciously accelerate such an evolution. This idea may trigger a greater shock and more argument than Darwin’s idea about man’s evolution from apes. Its opponents are the deep-rooted traditional thinking and ideological shackles,and what it offends are uncountable old theories, old principles and old forces. However,the power of truth is invincible. It will certainly exert a great impact on our future life, academic career, occupation, wealth, happiness and life-span…

 Everything will be changed by it.

 Mankind will evolve into gods…
 Now we can say:How great the future is! How beautiful the future is!

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