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Volkswagen Polo Model Road Test Data and Release Date

Volkswagen Polo Model Review: Volkswagen Polo model to be produced by SVW was appraised to be top 1 in the motor market next year and is aspired after by many Chinese. The brand-new top version Volkswagen Polo GTi will be released in Europe.

Volkswagen Polo Model 2010

Volkswagen Polo Model 2010

Waited, waited and waited, the Volkswagen Polo model to be produced by SVW was appraised to be top 1 in the motor market next year and is aspired after by many Chinese. At any rate, it has no alternative but to be waited, waited and waited.

Up to now, we still have no chance to see and touch the brand-new Polo model produced by SVW, but a road test has been conducted in its original place by Volkswagen with the invited media. Since the Polo model will be produced by SVW and by Germany Volkswagen synchronously, the Polo model produced by the latter is worth being probed seriously.

The new Polo product is officially put on sale last month in Europe. As to the new generation of Polo product, its versions of 5-valve and 3-valve are designed separately, so each of them has different characteristics, as shown by the company. The former is mainly characterized by practicability while the latter by dynamic feeling. One year later, the brand-new top version GTi will be released in Europe.

In its shape, this generation of Polo product is mainly modified on its head. For example, its headlight is changed from quadratic lights to four orbed lights, with the impression of Lupo produced by the same company, so that it looks elegant and lovely. It can be seen from its shape design and promotion film that the company tyres to develop its female market in the market strategy in Europe, so its body is bright yellow or red, blue and so on. The Polo model shall not be taken as such a car dependant on its shape because of its lovely appearance and beautiful color. In fact, it is comparatively roomy in its capacity, practicable in its design and delicate in its input materials. One may definitely be affected by the sincerity of production of the Volkswagen in the motor.

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Roomy and Practicable Interior

A family car as it is, the Polo model is roomy in its shape, with its length increased 154 mm, its height increased 47 mm, its width increased 18 mm, and its capacity increased a lot as compared with those of the last generation. It is believed that the capacity in the backseat for feet is the biggest among its counterparts of the same class. Therefore, one never has the sense of constraint in it, as if he/she were in a 1.6-liter model. Its doors almost reach 90 degrees in angels and the back doors reach 1.9 m in its height when opened. Therefore, it is convenient for one with a tall stature to get in and out.

Besides services for the female users, this generation of Polo model is more characterized by family services, especially the five-valve version which is designed for families with children. For example, the backseats of the five-valve version are equipped with movable seat cushions for children and safe ISOFLX seats for infants, which properly meet the needs of common family. In this way, Chinese Polo will be also equipped with such devices.

The interior decorations are mainly made of plastic, but the capacity has no sense that it is made of plastic. Polo is a junior model in the family of Volkswagen automobiles, but it is carefully done in manufacturing and materials inputting. It is not as deluxe as luxury model, but its interior is as precise and neat as that of Passat model, the top class one in the company. The three-valve version is the same as the five-valve one in dimensions, but its interior is not as practicable as that of the latter. For example, it is not equipped with such devices as the hidden seat cushions for children, but its cornice that rises a little is dynamic and its shape is suitable for running.

Besides 1.2-liter and 1.4-liter petrol engines, the Polo model matches 3 other diesel engines, which are not believed to be introduced into China in a short while. 1.2-liter and l.4-liter engines are mainly taken when we conduct the road test in Sardinia Island, an interest in the south of Italy. Both of them are newly designed by the company, the former with 3-cylinder generates 55 bhp output and the latter with inline 4-cylinder generates 75 bhp output.

After several hours’ road test, we are impressed by the new Polo, which continues to be characterized by reliability, strength, safety, maturation and advanced manufacturing of Volkswagen. The new car has been greatly improved in the suspension settings which have been not highly appraised in European cars, and it is equipped with excellent ESP electronic stable system, so that it can run on the zigzag road on Sardinia Island, with four tyres smooth and its body stable. Though its engine is the average in power, the Polo model brings us a sense of safe and confident driving by its superior control.

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Advantages and Disadvantages of Two Petrol Engines

As the differences of two petrol engines are observed, the 1.2-liter engine employs 3-cylinder and 6-valve design, and can generate 55 bhp output at 4,750 rpm, and its max. torque 10.8 kgm can be released at 3,ooo rpm. As pointed out by the company, the advantages that the 4-cylinder is changed into 3-cylinder lie in: petrol reservation, less exhaust, easier maintenance, longevity and less weight, which aren’t only intended to cut down costs. One cylinder less than 4-cylinder engine, the engine of the motor is as delicate as the latter, and it is equipped with balance shafts, so that it can efficiently decrease 60% of shock and that it is more stable than the engine of the same class even in the condition of quick revolution.

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Less Change in the Rear

Excellent underpinning capacity and pleasant cloth design.

There is a capacity of 1.5-liter in the rear.

The right backseat is equipped with movable cushion for children.

The genuine-leather steering wheel is delicate and looks a little bigger in this model.

Simple operations of the console

The capacity of the boot is 270 liters.

14-foot alloy rim is alternative in pattern. One of the patterns is shown in the picture. The shape is marked by 4-round-light design of headlights.

Volkswagen Polo 1.2 (1.4) Liter Specifications

Manufacturer: Volkswagen Company
Original Place: Germany


Type: Inline 3-cylinder 6-valve
(Inline 4-cylinder 16-valve)
Displacement: 76.5×86.9 mm
Diameter×Stroke:  1,918c.c. (1,039c.c.)
Compression Ratio: 10.8:1 (10.5:1)
Fuel Supply: TDI
Max. Output: 55 bhp/4.750rpm
Max. Torque: 10.8kgm/3,000rpm

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Transmission

Method: front engine, front-wheel drive
Gear Box: 5 spd manual
Gear Ratio: 1:3.46 (3.46) 2:1.96 (2.1)
   3:1.28 (1.39) 4:0.93 (1.03)
   5:0.74 (0.81)

Final Transmission Ratio: 3.18/4.53 (3.18/3.88)

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Suspension

(front) Mifferson brace
(rear) torque pole plus dragging brace

gear and pinion

(front) ventilation disc
(rear) drum/ solid disc
Turning Diameter: attaching ABS

Length×Width×Height: 3,897×1,650×1,465mm
Wheel Base: 2,460mm
Front/Rear Span: 1,435/1.425mm
Weight: 1,002-1,100kgff
Passenger: 5
Wheel: 14-foot alloy rim
Tyre: 165/70 R 14
Fuel Tank Capacity: 45 liters

Volkswagen Polo 2010: Performance:

0-100km/h  17.5 s
(12.9s manual/15.3s automatic)
Max. Speed (km/h): 152 (172 manual/ 168 automatic)

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