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Volkswagen Polo GTI 2010 Car Photos, VW Polo GTI Car Price & Review

Volkswagen Polo GTI 2010 Car Review, including VW Polo GTI Car Price & Photos. Volkswagen is organizing a brand new super car model Volkswagen Polo GTI for 2010. VW Polo GTI will get lots of exterior features to distinguish it from regular Polo models, as revealed by this computer generated rendering.  See the New VW Polo GTI 2010 car details including photos and price information below.

Volkswagen Polo GTI 2010 Car Photos

Volkswagen Polo GTI 2010 Car Photos

VW Polo GTI Car Price & Review: The Volkswagen Polo GTI is a hot hatch version of the Volkswagen Polo supermini, produced by German automaker Volkswagen. Volkswagen is preparing a new supercar Volkswagen Polo GTI for 2010. The VW Polo GTI will also get a number of exterior features to distinguish it from regular Polo models, as revealed by this computer generated rendering.

For 2010, Volkswagen is organizing a brand new super car Volkswagen Polo GTI. The new Polo GTI looks attractive and it is the fifth generation Car for Volkswagen. The New Polo GTI has more features than any another superminis. It has 1.4L super and turbo charged four-cylinder TSI, capable of 200hp. The new Volkswagen Polo GTI is quite attractive and from side it looks great.

22500 is the euro eqivalent …. but I think it will be even cheaper than that in the USA. A Golf GTI starts at 23k US $. I would think 19k or so. Hopefully they will speed it up as I am in the market as soon as my current car sells ( but in this POS economy who knows when).

2010 Volkswagen Polo GTI – VW Polo Gti 2010 Car Photos & Price

The new supermini Polo GTI is featured with 178 bhp (130 kW) and 184 ft-lbs (249 Nm) of torque means this rear door could have a 0-60mph in less than seven seconds.

The New Polo GTI will likely be a tad of a fuel-sipper and the engine is quite small. This fast supermini is available with an immediate-shifting 7 speeds DSG double clutch transmission and a 6-speed for those who like to switch their own mechanism. The outlook of Polo GTI is similar as Golf GTI like black honeycomb grille wrapped in a red line which unifies seamlessly into the frontage bumper. It also has Alloy wheels, a smooth body kit, red brake calipers, dual exhaust, and signal mirrors.

Polo GTI has a pair of bucket seats, aluminum pedals and higher quality interior materials. It competes with current superminis. While in early 2010, the GTI should arrive in European showrooms. The price of the new Polo GTI is nearing £15,500 ($31,942 AUD).

I think is a great car with super nice features, i liked its back design but i could say the same about front look,i hope vw can do way much better,otherwise is great.

With the Volkswagen Golf V GTI setting such a high performance benchmark, VW has decided to take no prisoners with the development of their new Polo GTI destined for release in 2010. Looking a lot like the the new Golf VI, the quickest Polo in history has all the classical GTI design cues to make it an instant hit with the Wolfberg faithful. Rippling wheel arches, ribbons of red piping and a menacing black grille give it oodles of street presence, while a powerful 1.4TSI engine ensures both snappy and economical performance. Turbo and supercharged this 133 kW lump is good for 0-100 in seven seconds and produces a mere 150g/km in the emissions department. Utilising the capable chassis found on the current SEAT Ibiza, the new Polo GTI also promises dynamic handling thanks to beefed-up anti-roll bars, stiffer springs and an advanced traction control system. Let’s hope it’s as good as it sounds because this baby VW will face some serious competition from the new Ford Fiesta ST. Let the battle commence…

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