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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Romantic and Creative Care Package Ideas for Your Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Valentine’s Day every year, romantic moment everyday. Gift ideas for Your Boyfriends or Girlfriends. It’s just one more week before Valentine’s Day and if you’re looking for cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or the man in your life, then we have some suggestions below.

Make your Valentine really happy this year and send ’em the best gift there is – a Bear hug from an authentic, handcrafted Vermont Teddy Bear. Cheap But Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas for Men. Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day fast approaching. Thank you for visiting to find ideas to help make your Valentine’s Day special. It is our goal to make online shopping easy, especially for those who are new to the internet. Show your love this season for someone who is trying to figure out the internet, such as a parent or grandparent, by helping them through the lessons you will see in the right column. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Gift Ideas Summary: Love is in the air. This Valentine’s Day, show it. Luckily, there are hundreds of great green gift ideas these days. What better way to put a smile on your mate’s face, while letting him or her know you care about the planet? (And you can avoid these Valentine’s Day gift nightmares.) Find unique gifts for your sweetheart, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife and loved ones.

OK now, Here are some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girl,  five green Valentine gift ideas for a range of budgets.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Organically Grown Flowers
Price range: $20-$500

Show your Valentine you really love them with a bouquet of organic flowers. If you have some time, visit your local farmers’ market and ask for organic.

Going for locally grown can also be a great option, and it’s even nicer if you can mention that you met the farmer. If you are running short on time, check out Organic Bouquet online. They deliver! 

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Green/Conflict-Free Jewelry
Price range: $200-$15,000

Jewelry is the classic V Day gift, and green jewelry is slowly becoming more popular. Companies are starting to recycle gold and other fine metals to make exquisite recycled jewelry.

If you decide to give a diamond piece, make sure that it is conflict free. Some good places to browser are at Green Karat or Brilliant Earth.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Organic Pajamas
Price range: $40-$100

Finding organic clothing today is easier than ever (if not quite totally mainstream). The good news is many stores now offer eco-friendly options, although sometimes selection can be a bit limited.

And for those who don’t have time to spend at the mall, click over to big name Gaiam or support the hip, indy Greenloop out of Portland, Oregon.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Citizen Eco-Drive Watch
Price range: $115-$670

Delight your Valentine with romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for her and him at RedEnvelope. Valentines gifts, flowers, jewelry, chocolates. If you are feeling a little more flush or generous this year, check out the Eco-Drive watches from Citizen. They are not only beautiful, but also run completely on solar power. They are also widely available.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Green Candlelit Dinner
Price range: $30-$100

If you would like to have the ultimate Valentine’s Day, make it a truly green evening with a stay at home, home-cooked dinner. First, you can start with some eco candles. Second, get some organic and local food from the market.

While you are out, make sure to pick up some organic wine, to make the night complete. The best part is that you won’t be hopping into the car and wasting gas. You get to enjoy each other and stay cozy at home.

Green gifts can be fun and practical, and can work for just about everyone. So have a happy, romantic Valentine’s Day!

Jewelry – Find the perfect piece they will want to show off to their friends with these helpful guides.
Delectable Treats – The fastest way to their heart is through their stomach!
Candles & Lingerie – Set a romantic mood for a memorable night.
Roses & Stargazers – Send flowers to work and home so you are always on their mind.
Rent a Fancy Car – Drive to dinner in style.
Weekend Getaway – Create a memorable experience that the two of you will remember for years to come.
Other Valentine’s Day Gift Guides – Get more ideas with these Valentine gift suggestions from the Apple Store, Macy’s, Best Buy, Walmart and more.
Love for jewelry dates back thousands of years. Rare pieces from ancient cultures are preserved in museums. Families pass down treasured pieces from generation to generation. Jewelry is special because it helps to ‘show off who we are’ as an individual and as a culture. Find the perfect piece for your significant other by learning more about Diamonds, Watches, Gemstones, Pearls, and more with guides provided by some of your favorite stores.

PEOPLE ARE celebrating Valentine week across the globe from Sunday which started with Rose Day. People believe in exchange of gifts to boost up their love during the valentine week season. During the long week valentine celebration girls and women are searching gifts for their fiancees. Valentine gift realize him how well you know him and how much you caring for him.
Here is some gift ideas for him during the Valentine to make this week memorable to complete year.
1- Gizmo’s and Gadgets: All men are very much interested in latest Gizmo’s and Gadgets. You can fascinate him with such gifts.
2- Watch: Luxury watches are always weakness for men. You can order latest, sporty and trendy watches for your men.
3- Cologne: Branded Cologne are always crush for men. In this valentine must gift him some branded cologne.
4- Wallet: Men also like wallet very much. Wallet could be a very good gift for your valentine.
5- Champagne & Truffles: This valentine makes very special. Gift him Champagne & Truffles and he really realizes how much you love him.
6- Gift Baskets: Order the gift basket and instruct the delivery boy to deliver it on the morning of big day that is Valentine’s day.
7- Cook for your men: Cook varieties of delicious food according to the taste of your men. He really enjoy this and feel how much you caring for him.
8- Romantic Dinner Cruises for Two: Enjoy a night out on the town with a romantic dinner cruise. Your evening will consist of gourmet food and live entertainment.
9- Love Tokens: Love Tokens would be unique romantic gift for guys. The tokens come in their own red pouch with “Tokens of My Affection” printed in silver.
10- Offer him for go adventurous places: Men always like adventures in his life. Express your desire to go with him for some adventurous places.
Beside of these gifts you send him every day romantic greetings, naughty SMS, etc. From the exchange of gifts your complete year will full of romance, affection and memorable.

Cheap But Romantic Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Buying a romantic Valentine’s gift for your husband or boyfriend can be hard if you don’t know what he likes. But we have some gift ideas for you that you can try if you’re really clueless on what to give him.

First, how about some colored underwear. Men like having the masculine white, black and grey so a red one as a gift can be “fun”. On the note, write “I want to see you wearing this and you’ll see me wearing nothing.” 

A CD collection of his favorite love songs can also be a cheap but romantic Valentine’s gift for him. Be aware of the music artists that he likes and get them for your playlist.

It may be a cliche, but a romantic dinner at home is always a great Valentine’s gift. Cook his favorite meal and serve them in your birthday suit – that will get him excited. Editing by Alice Zhang

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