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Agua Blanca Canyon Resort Guide: Enjoy Luxury Spa and Eye-catching Natural Beauty

Agua Blanca Canyon Resort is located in the subtropical valley. If you are looking for a resort where you can enjoy the divine beauty of nature and relax yourselves, then Agua Blanca Canyon Resort located in the State of Michoacán is the perfect choice for you.

The resort is located in the subtropical valley,  wherer luxurious SPA combined with hotel is surrounded 300 acres of beautiful nature with dense vegetation and groves, eye-catching waterfalls, mineral springs and mountainous landscapes.which makes it is an ideal base for tours to some interesting spots nearby like the Monarch Butterfly sanctuaries, Loz Azufres, San Felipe Loz Alzati, Presas de Pucuato, Sabaneta y Mata de Pinos etc. Waterfalls and rivers are at walk about distance and the place is a paradise for birdwatchers. Visitors will definitely love to relax in the thermo-mineral water pools. The special therapeutic water has amazing healing properties which can soothe your body muscles. Agua Blanca with its radioactive water was used as a SPA and healing center by the Tarascan Empire earlier.

This small family run hotel has 20 fabulous bedrooms which are embellished with beautiful handicrafts from the Michoacán region. Each room contains 2 single beds along with a full bathroom and additional beds are offered for children. The comfy restaurant offers sumptuous and tasty meals with spectacular views of the gardens of Agua Blanca resort. The kitchen is incredible and all the food items are delicious and healthy. There is a large and serene lawn where people can loosen up and activities like physical exercises, yoga and meditation can be carried out. There is a comfortable lounge and a meeting room where conference and discussions can be held.

Special thanksgiving session is organized during weekends when a traditional dinner will be prepared for the magnificent celebration. This place is bliss for bird watchers since there are around 350 rare species of birds like goldfinches, sparrows, hummingbirds, etc. that migrate from the cold countries to this region during winter.

Horses are available for touring the gorgeous surroundings upon early reservation.

Another interesting fact about this amazing resort is that, it was the setting for the shooting of great movies like “Treasures of the Sierra Madre” and “Lost Horizons“

The cost for a 3 night package (From Thursday to Sunday) is $2,600, inclusive of food, accommodation, tax and tips.

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