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Underwater Activities: Discount SeaWorld Resorts for Family Vacation

Have you planned a underwatert winter vacation for your family? Both of these great theme parks are part of the Anheuser Busch family, and as such they offer the type of quality experience that brings people back time and time again. They’re also a showcase for many Anheuser Busch products and free liquid samples are on offer to the over 21’s!

SeaWorld Adventure Park is a great idea for the first full day of your holiday – stadium style shows means there’s tons to see without having to line up in the searing heat! Make sure you pick up a show schedule and take 10minutes to plan your day proceeding clockwise around the park – running from one side to the other willget old fast!

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay has long been a favorite with visitors of all ages. A combination of animal encounters and superb white knuckle thrill rides, the park caters to a variety of tastes and age groups. Rollercoaster buffs can enjoy a topsy turvey day on superb rides like Kumba, where you hit some loops doing 60mph! 

Aquatica is a whimsical, one-of-a-kind water park only the clever folks at SeaWorld could create – a fab combo of up close animal encounters, flowing waters from serene to extreme, high-speed thrills and wide, sandy beaches. Guests essentially get to play in, over, and under the water! There’s nearly 60 acres of lush landscape inspired by the vivid colors and carefree lifestyle of the South Sea Islands.

Discovery Cove
With admission to Discovery Cove limited to around a thousand people a day (advance reservations only), those lucky enough to get in will have the interactive experience of a lifetime. A very high staff to guest ratio ensures you get lots of attention and our undercover reviewers were made to feel very special.

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