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Twelve Girls Band, China

There are some problems in performance style of national music. The music works of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ should be a breakthrough in composition and are quite cultured in rhythm. They are very pleasant to listen. Of course, they also must continuously exert the special skills of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ in musical performance. Because in the performance of national music, conspicuousness of the skills holds a quite big component, so the musician should learn more about each person’s characteristic and also hope to have stronger rhythm in order to make the performer freely exert the melody. Of course, I am also bullish to the development prospect of ‘Twelve Girls Band’. Firstly, the action of Star Disk publishing ‘Twelve Girls Band’ is rediscovery of the national music and it makes people pay attention to the national music again. Secondly, in the aspect of national instrument music performance, ‘Twelve Girls Band’ has the good resources of person with ability. It chooses twelve young performers and this can be predicted that ‘Twelve Girls Band’ will promote development and performance of the national music with new angle in hearing and seeing, and gain a new audience market at the same time. Song Xiaoming (a famous music critic): “the new national music, which ‘Twelve Girls Band’ expresses, integrates Chinese traditional music and modern popular music into an organic whole. It has some ideas in composition and masters quite well in producing angle. But the only blemish is that it should be more bold, free and natural, madcap in the instrument music performance. Of course, it needs the producer and performer to further understand certain music. In recent two years, Jin Zhaojun and I have discussed a problem in private, that is the national music is the one which has the most possibility to enter the world in Chinese music. But the national music is not the traditional music, including Chinese National Music Group going abroad to perform in Vienna Golden Hall. These performances are only the things which contain Chinese traditional national details. In case really winning the accept of all the world, really wining the recognition of all young music fans in the world, it should still create ‘a new music’ way. ‘Twelve Girls Band’ has a possibility to promote Chinese national music to enter the world: Firstly, all members of ‘Twelve Girls Band’ are the best national music performers in the world. Secondly, young people of the generation like ‘Twelve Girls Band’ haven’t the idea of parachial prejudice called by Chinese traditional handicraftsmen in music concept, and their open music concept can let them accept new matters. Thirdly, from the aspect of music resources, music materials in all over the world, no matter belonging to India, South America, North Europe, Africa, even Southeast Asia, Pakistan, etc, have been totally collected. The one place which really has not been excavated is Chinese national music. These three points determine that the possible popular music in 21st century is Chinese ‘new national music’. Of course, it also depends on what we will do and ‘Twelve Girls Band’ how to develop. I has already discussed with Mr. Wang Xiaojing, the general manager of Star Disk Company, and found that his composition ideas of whole packing, performance, etc to ‘Twelve Girls Band’ are right. So the action of Wang Xiaojing is possibly a new development way of the national music and I support ‘Twelve Girls Band’.

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