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Travel Resorts Guide: Imperial Necropolis, The Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs lie at the foot of the Tianshou Mountains where Changling is situated, some 50 kilometers northwest of Beijing. Surrounded by hills from east to west, the place looks like a natural courtyard. This is just where Thirteen Ming emperors were buried. Covered with ancient pine and cypress trees, this imperial cemetery occupies an area of 40 square kilometers.

The construction of this necropolis lasted for over 200 years from the first tomb, the Changling, which began in 1409 to the last one, the Siling, which was built in 1644.
In the early summer of 1956 Chinese archaeologists began the excavation of the Dingling underground palace, the tomb of the thirteenth emperor, Zhu Yijun (1573-1620). In addition to the underground palace and coffins, more than 3, 000 pieces of gold, silver, pearl and clot were unearthed. Thus the secret of Dingling was deciphered.



Le Tombe dei Ming

Le Tombe dei Ming dista circa 50 chilometri da Pechino. La cima pricipale è Wanshoushan (collina della Celeste Longevità), che consiste con le altre colline un cortile natunale. Gli tredici imperatori di Ming sono seppelliti in questa zona circondata dalle colline e gli alberi, sorgendo una superficie di 40 kilometri quadradi ca.,
Le Tombe dei Ming fu costruite da 1409 a 1644, durando più di 200 anni. All’estate di 1956, gli archelogi cinesi hanno scavato la toma dell’imperatore Zhu Yijun della dinastia Ming—il Palazzo di Ting Ling, inoltre alla bara, scoprirono delle perle d’oro e d’argente, abiti e giada, e hanno risultato il segreto di Ting Ling.

Les 13 Tombeaux Ming

Les 13 Tombeaux Ming se trouvent à 50km dans le nord-ouest de Beijing. Ayant la Montagne de la Longévité comme sommet principal où se situe le Tombeau Changling, la nécropole est entourée est-ouest de montagnes et forme une grande cour naturelle. Les 13 empereurs des Ming sont enterrés dans cette zone de 40km² embrassée de montagnes et couverte de pins et de cyprès verts. Depuis, commença la construction de Changling en 1409, jusqu’à la construction de Siling en 1644, plus de 200 ans s’écoulèrent, En été 1956, des archéologues chinois ont découvert le Palais souterrain du Dingling, tombeau de l’empereur Zhu Yijun (Wanli). Plus de 3 000 pièces d’or, d’argent, de perle, de jade et de vêtements ont été découverts, ainsi les mystères du Dingling sont mis au jour.

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