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Travel Destination Guide: Bercelona Most Visited Places

Barcelona, as one of Europe’s most visually stunning cities, Barcelona balances the medieval intimacy of its Gothic Quarter with the grace and distinction of the wide boulevards in the Moderniste Eixample—just as the Mediterranean Gothic elegance of the church of Santa Maria del Mar provides a perfect counterpoint to Gaudí’s riotous Sagrada Família. This page has the top five most famous Barcelona Tourist attractions listed in order of popularity. You will find a brief description of each Barcelona attraction.

Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi
A Giant Temple designed by the master architect Antonio Gaudi. This building has been under construction since 1882 and they’ve still got another 30 to 80 years (depending on funding and resources) to go before it will be finished.

Some people love the Sagrada Familia and some people hate it but whatever you think I guarantee it will cause a reaction one way or the other.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona
Barcelona Aquarium is a popular Barcelona attraction to take the kids and young ones. I have to admit I loved the aquarium.. so does that make me a kid? The aquarium is at Port Vell.

Poble Espanyol de Montjuic
This Barcelona attraction is a small Spanish village with different quarters that replicate the style of houses and architecture from different parts of Spain.

Poble Espanyol is also home to a whole host of specialist craft shops and workshops where you can see some traditionally made Spanish goods.

Poble Espanyol is also the venue for the Famous Flamenco show at tablao de Carmen which maybe is one reason for it’s popularity at no.3

La Pedrera – Casa Mila by Antonio Gaudi
Another one of Antonio Gaudi’s creations once again hits the top 10 most visited attractions in Barcelona. This building used to be called Casa Mila but nowadays it’s more commonly known as La Pedrera which means “quarry” . Gaudi was instrumental in completing this building and his characteristic wavy brick work and colourful tiles are also evident on this masterpiece.

Barcelona Tourist Attraction – Barcelona FC Museum
No surprises here. If you are a footie fan then this museum is a must see. It has wall to wall trophies, pictures and statues of the greats. I’m not a football fan but I still enjoyed walking round this museum. When you buy your ticket you have 2 options. You can buy a ticket for the museum and to see the stadium or you can buy a dual ticket where you get to see the museum and behind the scenes at the club e.g. changing rooms, VIP lounge, press conference areas etc. For more details

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