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Tourists Spots of Qilian Mountain and Tibetan Area China

1、  Autumn Scene of Beishan

2、  Qilian County

3、  The Bottom of Qilian Mountain

4、  Beautiful Autumn and Wheat

5、  The Entrance of Kunlun Mountain

6、  The Magic Kunlun Mountain

7、  Mengda Tianchi, one of the three Tianchi Lakes of China

8、  The Source of Changjiang River

9、  The Source of Huanghe River

10、              The Cow-head Stele by the Zhalin Lake

11、              The Huanghe River Bank

12、              The Gate of Huanghe River

13、              Monument to the Source of Huanghe River

14、              “Red Sunshine” above the Yanhu Lake

15、              Qingshuiwan of Xunhua County

16、              Sun-set over the source of Huanghe River

17、              The First Bridge over the Huanghe River

18、              The Openning Ceremony of the Sanjiangyuan Natural Protection Zone

19、              The busy Yanhu Lake

20、              Mechanized Salt Heaping

21、              The Busy Yanhu Lake

22、              Barhead Goose

23、              Love

24、              The Qinghai-Tibet Highway

25、              The Highway Crossing the Kunlun Mountain

26、              China’s Largest Saltwater Lake

27、              Charm of the West Sea

28、              A Picturesque View of Kanbula

29、              Gold Autumn of Kanbula

30、              Green Pines and Verdant Cypressess, Red Sunshine

31、              Looking Forward

32、              Three Stones Bird Island

33、              Mother and Son

34、              Companion

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