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Tourists Rush to Israel for Reports of “Mermaid Towm”

Do you believe that there is really a maemaid in the world?  A town in Israel is entering upon a tourism campaign with a difference, hoping to entice travellers with reports of mermaid sightings.

The Kirvat Yam municipality, near Haifa, has announced it is offering a $1.2m (£609,000) reward for proof of the mermaid’s existence, after receiving dozens of reported sightings.

“Many people are telling us they are sure they’ve seen a mermaid and they are all independent of each other,” council spokesman Natti Zilberman told the UK’s Sky News.

“They say it is a female figure, it looks like a young girl.”

Crowds flocked to the town by sunset, the only time mermaid sightings have been reported at, hoping to catch a glimpse.

The council hopes the sightings will lure travellers to the region and will more than make up for the large reward on offer.

“I believe, if there really is a mermaid, then so many people and tourists will come to Kiryat Yam, a lot more money will be made than a $1m.”

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