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Top 3 effective self defense weapons

What will you do if you run into an attacker? The best way is to use weapons. Here are 3 the most effective self defense weapons:

Runt Stun Gun

The new kid in town is a mini that delivers the maxi. It’s bantam with a bite. It’s a mini stun gun that’s easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or man.

What your attacker doesn’t see will drop him like a roach who has ingested a little too much Black Flag. The Runt stun gun uses new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection from a palm sized paladin.


You will feel powerful armed with this weapon of choice. These Runt sized stun guns pack such immense electrical force that your attacker will be reeling in shock when you give them the surprise of their life.

This stun gun has three voltage levels so you can pick your attackers poison. You can carry the Runt stun gun in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a pager it comes with a free heavy duty nylon belt loop holster. Three high powered lithium batteries also included for free.

Great for Women
Fits In Purse or Handbag
Beltloop on Holster

This mini stun gun is perfect for women of all ages, and of course for men as well (easy to conceal). Order the Runt today for virtually invisible protection.

Pepper Pen

You can pull this out and no one will know what the heck you got. If they get too close or curious, let ’em have it!

Designed to repel attackers, this powerful pepper formula is contained inside a handy pen-like unit. The Pepper Pen is a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need into any environment where you might find yourself. The low key package houses a powerful self protection pepper delivery system.

Pen clip easily attaches to pocket or you can keep in a purse. The non threatening pen will not arouse suspicion until it is too late. If you begin to feel unsafe, take out this pen and prepare to protect yourself. Spray the attacker square in the face and run for help. They will be unable to open their eyes and will be in some serious pain. The non-toxic dye will aid the police in identifying your attacker.

Pen Knife

Want to have an advantage when coming into contact with an attacker without giving away your defense? If “yes” is the answer, then the pen knife is what you’re looking for!

The pen knife is a nifty self-defense item. It looks exactly like any regular pen, yet it conceals a useful self-defense item, a small and very sharp blade.

It’s great for self defense, but also comes in handy as a utility item.
Versatility is an accurate description of the penknife. The sharp little knife can serve as a letter opener, box cutter, and cutting small rope lines. Another great add on to this item is the pen actually works! Talk about “looking the part”!

The lightweight pen doesn’t get in the way of everyday travels and is small enough to be taken with you on a trip to the store or on your way to work. In no way is it heavy or too large to carry. The small, compact, and lightweight frame is a great plus to this innovative item.

There is nothing difficult about the operation of this pen knife. It is easy to use as a pen and as a knife. The top is simple to pull off, revealing the knife, but safe enough to carry without accidentally hurting yourself. Its sturdy design prevents the penknife from being easily broken as well.

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