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Top 10 Online Advertising Networks to Generate Revenue

Top Online Advertising Networks to Make Money and Generate Revenue: Happy blogging and make money everyday. Large ad networks include a mixture of search engines, media companies, and technology vendors. Below is a list of the Top Online Advertising Networks, Top Affiliate Programs, Top Online Advertisers, Top Online Advertising Agencies for you to use when looking to publish ads on your site to generate revenue.

Note from my friend of The following rank is not from the author but from webvertization. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of different online ad networks. I thought it was about time to summarize my thoughts in one post. Let’s start with a brief discussion of each.

Google Adsense
AdBrite Ads
Yahoo Publisher Network
ValueClick Media
Blue Lithium
Burst Media
Tribal Fusion
Casale Media
It is tough to say who you should use as it really depends on your site traffic and what they would be most interested in to make the advertising successful.
Top Affiliate Programs: A great tool is offered by PubMatic, which allows you to login to the above networks (once you join) and it serves the ads for you. PubMatic rotates the ads to determine which network will make you the most money.

AdSense is the good old reliable web-based advertising solution. It works, I generate about half my revenues from AdSense alone. Other solutions have paid more for a week or month, but none have managed to maintain such a high revenue stream for more than a few months. That hasn’t stopped everybody from saying AdSense is dead, but for me this is good, less publishers means more money in my pocket.

Amazon doesn’t pay anywhere as well as AdSense if you’ve tried using it as an advertising platform, but if you talk about a product, then putting an Amazon Associates link around that product is a great way of making a couple bucks. Amazon also has contextual ad network called Omakase, but it’s too new to say anything concrete about.

FeedBurner FAN is the best solution for RSS based ads. They also have website ads, but the implementation currently doesn’t maximize you impressions, so it’s not a very good solution at the moment. But the feed-based ads are great.

ExpoActive is mostly broken. I enjoyed the best CPCs, even better than Google with ExpoActive. I even had 2 websites in their top publishers section. I was making some good coin, but then the website stopped working. First, I couldn’t withdraw money when money was clearly available to be withdrawn. But worse, I haven’t been able to approve or reject ads now for many months. I’ve sent them several dozen emails and they’ve never once responded (except the auto-responder). Last time I was able to check, I had $200-300 in direct ads and earnings that I couldn’t cash out because the website was not responding.

Chitika is a fraud. I made big money when Chitika first came out, but they invented reason after reason why my earnings, CPM, CPC were in rapid decline and when they owed me more than $100, the payment was always late.

AdBrite is to be avoided. I made a few dollars with AdBrite, but in the last few months of usage, they started putting sex related ads on my website even though I specifically requested otherwise. When I tried to modify my ad strips, I found the website was broken and I had to remove all my AdBrite ad strips. They use to respond to support requests, but that stopped about 6 months ago.

BlogAds was OK for awhile, but for the last 3-4 months, my earnings are exactly $0. I haven’t had any new advertisers in months and I’m considering removing the ad units. Overall, there’s a lack of quality.

Bidvertiser doesn’t pay. Although they advertise CPCs in the multi-dollar range, you’ll end up with CPCs in the cents per click range.

Clicksor, like Bidvertiser, doesn’t pay. The earnings per click and impression were very very low, similar to Bidvertiser.

Yahoo! Pubishers Network is for U.S. customers only. Whatever. Everything at Yahoo! is Beta and they use that as an excuse. Yahoo sucks!

Top 10 Online Ad Networks to Make Money and Generate Revenue. Happy blogging and make money everyday. Large ad networks include a mixture of search engines, media companies, and technology vendors. The above mentioned is a list of the top advertising networks for you to use when looking to publish ads on your site to generate revenue. In conclusion, everything eventually sucked, except for AdSense, Amazon Associates and FeedBurner.

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