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Top 10 hottest Japanese actresses? Who is the most sexiest and beautiful Japanese actress?

Top 10 hottest Japanese actresses? Who is the most sexiest and beautiful Japanese actress? Who Is The Most Beautiful Actress In Asia? Are they AV actresses?

Most Beautiful Japanese Actress

Most Beautiful Japanese Actress

This question is often asked by the fans of J-pop as well as laymen. Considering the fact that there are millions of are beautiful, talented, and hot Japanese women, it is rather difficult to determine a figure that deserves to be crowned as “The Most Beautiful”.

I think some of them are cute and some of them are hot~~ Actually in Japan, all of them called “AV actresses”???

In order to be included into this list, these actresses surely have to have lovely faces. They also must have achievements in the world of entertainment and should be well-known worldwide. Without further ado, here is the list:

Top 10 List of hottest and most beautiful Japanese actresses

10. Reon Kadena

Reon Kadena who is 167 cm tall is also known by the name Minamo Kuso. Besides working as a model, Reon Kadena has also appeared in various television dramas and movies. The beauty of this actress is indeed could make any men who looked at him fall in love instantly. Reon Kadena has incredibly pretty eyes and her lips are very beautiful.

Reon Kadena is also recognized as an actress who is brave enough to expose her sexiness. She does not hesitate to be photographed naked in various photo shoots. However, se always says that what she does is completely different from JAV (Japanese Adult Model) stars, because there is always element of art in every Reon Kadena’s photo shoot.

Reon Kadena Japanese Actress Photo

Reon Kadena Japanese Actress Photo

9. Rie Miyazawa

Rie Miyazawa is an elite super model who has great influence toward younger Japanese models. Born in 1973, Rie started her career in the entertainment world since the age of 11. Her career began to rise in 1996, when she was selected to be a reporter in the Cannes Film Festival.

Rie Miyazawa’s face resembles Gong Li’s, an international Chinese actress who is very famous in Hollywood. She is also a brand ambassador of various fashion products in Japan. In some occasion, Rie Miyazawa also posed nude several times in for international fashion magazine. Her acting career started to rise in 2004, when she starred in a movie titled Tony Takitani.

Rie Miyazawa Japanese Actress Picture

Rie Miyazawa Japanese Actress Picture

8. Karina

This beautiful actress who resembles K-Pop Star is also known with her full name, Karina Nose. She is not only recognized as one of the most respected young models in Japan at this time, but also plays in various best TV dramas in Japan. Many pundits predict Karina’s future as an actress would be very bright, and she also has the potential to be famous worldwide.

Elegant and beautiful, that’s the first impression when we look Karina’s photos. Nowadays, she appears very rarely in sexy photo shoots like most other Japanese actresses, but focuses more to pursue a successful career in the world of international fashion and modeling.

7. Nozomi Sasaki

She is still young, but her talent is indeed amazing. With the combination of her cute face and hot body, Nozomi Sasaki is arguably considered the Most Wanted Japanese Woman. At the moment, the popularity of Nozomi Sasaki is currently at its highest peak. She was even named as the most popular Japanese actress 2013 by the media.

Nozomi began her career as a fashion model. Becauses he managed to achieve great success in this field, she decided to expand her scope of work to the world singing. Indeed, Nozomi Sasaki’s decision is definitely a great decision because she receives much positive response from J-Pop fans.

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Actress Picture

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Actress Picture

6. Masami Nagasawa

Just like Nozomi Sasaki, Masami Nagasawa was able to achieve great success at a very young age. Born in 1987, the actress’ name began to be famous since her role in the movie titled Godzilla. Since then, she received continuous offer to appear in various films, movies, and dramas; and this makes her be the most popular Japanese actress in that particular years.

So far Masami has played in 23 TV drama and 18 films. Indeed, it was fantastic statistic considering the fact that she is still very young. Masami is also known as a school friend Ayumi Hamasaki (one of the top singers in Japan) in high school.

5. Komatsu Ayaka

Do you know about a Japanese cartoon character called Sailor Moon? Ayaka Komatsu is a Japanese artist who had the opportunity to play a role as Sailor Venus in the newly created version of Sailor Moon series. She is indeed perfect for this role, as Komatsu does have a beauty like a goddess Venus, the goddess who is said to be the most beautiful woman in Greek mythology.

Besides possessing an extremely cute face and beautiful eyes, Ayaka Komatsu also has full lips and pretty hair. The peak of her career was when she appeared as a model in Sabra magazine, one of the most famous men’s lifestyle magazine (just like FHM and MAXIM) in Japan.

Komatsu Ayaka Japanese Actress Picture

Komatsu Ayaka Japanese Actress Picture

4. Yukie Nakama

Yukie Nakama was born in 1979 in Okinawa and started to plunge in the world of entertainment since 1996, but she had to wait for four years later to achieve successful career. Her success was remarked in the year 2000 when she starred in the TV drama titled Trick. Since then, her popularity began to raise. She earned a title as an elite actress in Japan in 2002 when she played in a TV drama titled Gokusen.

Beautiful, sexy, and intelligent: those are the quality possessed by Yukie Nakama. Although her age is more than 30 years old, her beauty is considered able to compete with other Japanese stars are younger actress. Indeed, Yukie Nakama is really an incredible woman!

3. Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada’s name is very famous among J-Pop fans in South East Asian countries. In addition to her career as a photo model, Kyoko Fukada also acts and sings. Her dedication in the world of entertainment is extraordinary, as every year he always appears in numerous quality drama series in Japan. This is the reason that Kyoko Fukada is very popular in Japan as well as worldwide.

Kyoko Fukada has a pair of beautiful eyes. Those eyes are big and shining, just like female characters in anime. Besides acting in a lot of great Japanese TV dramas (one of them is titled Strawberry Shortcake which is very famous worldwide), she also played with alongside Korean’s top actor named Won Bin in a Japan-Korea TV drama collaboration.

Kyoko Fukada Japanese Actress Picture

Kyoko Fukada Japanese Actress Picture

2. Koyuki

Koyuki’s beauty is quite remarkable. She has a cute face, a typical of East Asian woman, but her posture is slender and tall just like a Western woman. Those attractive physical features allow Koyuki quickly able to dominate the world of fashion in Japan as a model. Just within the period of three years, she reached a top status as a famous international model.

Koyuki also appeared in the Hollywood movie titled Blood The Last Vampire. Indeed, her acting skills are also incredible. So far, she has starred in 17 TV dramas and most of them are very successful in the domestic as well as foreign market.

Koyuki Japanese Actress Photo

Koyuki Japanese Actress Photo

1. Keiko Kitagawa

Born in 1986, Keiko Kitagawa began to prove her existence in international entertainment world in the year 2006 when she acted in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie. In this film, Keiko did not just appear as a sweetener, but also played an important role in the storyline.

Keiko is a very pretty actress who also played as Sailor Mars, one of the most famous female anime characters in Japan. Considering her look and achievements, she deserves to be called as the most beautiful Japanese actress in the world. In addition to her stunning beauty, Keiko is also very intelligent and talented. She graduated from the Faculty of commercial science from Meiji University with very good grades. In her career, Keiko has starred in a total of 12 films, four television series, wrote four books, and released a CD. In conclusion, Kitagawa Keiko is truly perfect. She is smart, incredibly beautiful, and very talented.

Keiko Kitagawa Japanese Actress Photo

Keiko Kitagawa Japanese Actress Photo

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Anyone from Japan ? Pls give me pictures or link for your Japanese actress!!!

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