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Top 10 Health Stories This Week: Valuable Health Advices

Top 10 Health Stories This Week: Valuable Health Advices. Don’t neglect health.

US: Maryland joins national Farm-To-School movement to put local food in school cafeterias

27 April 2008 – A new bill awaiting the Maryland governor’s signature aims to make it easier for schools to use local produce. It’s part of a national Farm-To-School movement to encourage more local produce on cafeteria trays. Officials in other states have said schools and farms alike are enthusiastic about the idea of local food in cafeterias. Oklahoma started serving locally grown melons in a few schools in 2002, and now that state’s melon programme has grown to hundreds of schools. When schools buy locally, they can make local farmers more profitable and more likely to keep farming.

Canada: Ontario to ban sale, use of garden pesticides
26 April 2008 – Ontario said on Tuesday that it will ban the sale and general use of pesticides in what the province said would be among the toughest such environmental laws in North America. A number of municipalities in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada have already banned pesticide use.

Go green and cut red meat
25 April 2008 – A growing number of people are encouraging a vegetarian diet as part of the solution to climate change. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking supporters to pledge to eat vegetarian for 30 days in order to offset the carbon footprint created by meat consumed by the Nobel Prize-winning environmental activist Al Gore, who ironically made ‘carbon footprint’ a household phrase.

Yemen: Efforts to reduce air pollution

22 April 2008 – The Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) is working to reduce air pollution caused by vehicle emissions and thus save on associated health costs amounting to an estimated US$100 million a year in Sanaa, the capital and largest city of Yemen.

Vegetarianism urged to fight global warming
21 April 2008 – Environmental groups are being urged to add vegetarianism as a top way of curtailing global warming. Changing to a vegetarian diet is the best way to fight global warming because the amount of land and water used to maintain the meat industry makes it a major contributor to climate change.

Canada plans to ban polycarbonate baby bottles

18 April 2008 – Canada intends to become the first country to ban the import and sale of some types of plastic baby bottles because they contain a chemical that the government says could harm infants and toddlers. The bottles are made with bisphenol A, also known as BPA, which is also used in food and water containers.

The oldest Americans are also the happiest, US research says
18 April 2008 – It turns out the golden years really are golden. Eye-opening new research finds the happiest Americans are the oldest, and older adults are more socially active than the stereotype of the lonely senior suggests. The two go hand-in-hand: Being social can help keep away the blues.

Travel Picks: 10 forgotten spots of paradise
18 April 2008 – One group’s list of ten top places around the globe — featuring protected wildlife, cascading waterfalls, and lush landscapes. Tristan da Cunha; Cotswolds, England; Patagonia, Chile; Kauai, Hawaii; Kiribati, Micronesia; Algonquin Park, Canada; Thornybush Game Reserve, South Africa; Morzine, France; Fernando de Noronha, Brazil; and Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico made up this list of favorites.

US: Court approves New York City calorie-count rule for restaurants
16 April 2008 – New York City officials can require fast-food restaurants to post signs telling customers how many calories are in their meals, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday. The city’s health code provision, which affects businesses that have at least 15 establishments nationwide, is to take effect on Tuesday.

US: School nutrition policy can prevent obesity
16 April 2008 – Philadelphia schools that cut out soda, revamped snack selections, and took other measures to prevent childhood obesity were able to halve the odds of students becoming overweight by sixth grade, a study has found. The schools also got parents involved through meetings and nutrition workshops that encouraged them to give their kids more fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods.

Top 10 Health Stories This Week: Valuable Health Advices. Don’t neglect health.

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