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Theory of Law and Conditions

The motion of any matter in the world has its own objective laws,and are controlled by its objective laws. Whether we do things according to objective laws is the key to success or failure in all our activities for knowing or changing the world. Sun Bin (famous strategist in the Warring States Period) had a famous saying: “Victory lies in knowing of the way.” “Failure lies in ignorance of the way.” The “way” here refers to the objective law. When we esteem it and utilize it,the law will become our weapon,helping us win victory smoothly;Otherwise, if we contempt it or go against it,the law will become our opponent,making us run our heads against a wall and bite the ground.

 It is generally agreed that, in all things, since there is birth, there must be death. Births and deaths, one after another, constitute an inevitable and irreversible natural law. When people have taken it for granted that “Since there is birth, there must be death” is an unalterable law, whoever dares to seek eternal life will be regarded as talking nonsense, making the undermost and most ridiculous mistake, that is, disregarding objective laws.

 However,we must know,any law hangs on a certain condition. “Water runs to a lower place” is an objective law of nature. Nevertheless,under a certain condition, “Water runs to a lower place” can be changed into “Water runs to a higher place”. When I was wandering in a park,watching the fountain rushing up like a jade pole, an idea suddenly occurred to me:So long as the conditions are changed,the natural law of “water flows downward” should have been changed to the opposite artificially!

 According to universal gravitation law,because of the gravitation, things heavier than air cannot fly, but under certain conditions, it is not so at all. They can not only get off the ground, but also fly with a heavy load.

 All these have proved:Law is changeable, but it does not mean you can change it arbitrarily. Only if the condition has changed can the law change accordingly. And in change of the condition,you must also follow a certain objective law. That is called “changing the law by the law”.

 On the one hand,before the law, everyone is equal,it “does not exist because of Yao (the good emperor), nor does it die because of Jie (the bad emperor)”, that is, it is independent of people’s will;On the other hand,the law changes with the condition: so long as the condition changes, the law will change correspondingly. People often only know the constancy of the law, but do not know its changeability, that is, they have not realized the truth that “we can change law by law”.

 In the birth, development and extinction of anything,there is its inherent law. Any law hangs on a certain condition, and all conditions are changeable. Hence,all laws can be changed.

 In all ages,the life of a person resulted from the parents’ joint work. Without the direct cooperation by both sexes and without the “ten months’ pregnancy” in the female’s body, there could never be the “giving birth” to a new life. In the long river of history, uncountable persons’ life came into being in this way, without exception. It was regarded as a never-changeable objective law determined by nature. However, who could think, along with the development of high technology, we have been able to produce test-tube babies, to do asexual reproduction, to clone life… completely changing the law of birth! Since the law of birth could be changed so greatly, so can the law of death!

 “Since there is birth, there must be death” is a “law” we have derived from a certain historical context. According to the truth of “changing law by law”, so long as we create the condition and change the condition, we can also change “Since there is birth, there must be death” into “Since there is birth, there must be eternal life”. Facts have proved that in organisms, birth is certain, but death is not necessarily certain. Scientists have discovered a germ that has lived for 250 million years! And they think, since it has already lived for 250 million years,there is no problem for it to live for another 250 million years.

 In the past,scientists used the number of times of cell division and the time of division to deduce human lifespan. Human cells can only divide for 50 times or so,and each division cycle is 2.4 years,so, the deduced limit of human lifespan is 120 years or so. Hence,scientists usually regard the age of 120 as the impassable limit of human lifespan. But, is it really insurmountable and unchangeable? Absolutely not! Today’s scientific research has proved that:By the telomerase, we can increase the number of times of cell division or prolong the division cycle, so as to prolong human life span greatly. Thus, the lifetime limitation of 120 years has been declared to be wrong! Facts have shown forcefully:So long as we change the condition,the law will change correspondingly for certain!

 In a wide view of the life span history of mankind,along with mankind’s advancement,people’s life span has been advancing all the time, too. In the bronze ware period characterized by low productive forces 4000 year ago, people’s average lifetime was only 18 years,and in the ancient Roman era, it was 23~25 years. In our country, the average lifetime of various periods is like this: in the Xia and Shang Dynasties, it was 18 years;In the Qin and Han Dynasties, it was 20 years;In the Eastern Han Dynasty, it was 22 years;In the Tang Dynasty, it was 27 years;In the Song Dynasty, it was 30 years;In the Qing Dynasty, it was 33 years;In the period of Republic of China, it was 35 years;In 1985, it already reached 68.92 years,and in 2000, it climbed to 71 years… Chinese people’s lifespan extended by more than one time in the short period of 50 years after liberation! In the past, “People seldom live to be seventy years old”,but now “Seventy is no longer a high age”, and in many countries, the average lifespan has already exceeded 70 years. The constant escalation of human lifespan results from the constant change of mankind’s life conditions. Such a change is a gradual process. Now we are in the century of life sciences, so we shall usher in great leaps in this aspect. As far as the present is concerned, the breakthroughs in life sciences have already changed people’s understanding of the lifespan greatly. Scientists are beginning to declare it is not a hard matter for human lifespan to reach 1200 years. It can be predicted,with the continual advance in life science and technology, 10 years, 50 years, or 100 years later, even greater breakthroughs will certainly appear in the limit of human lifespan. Thus it can be seen,by science and technology plus objective laws, we may change the existence condition of people’s life, and the change of the existence condition of the life may in turn change the law of life. Hence,with the continual breakthrough in technology, there is no limit to human lifespan.

 In a long time,we had only a smattering of knowledge about the secrets of life, simply thinking the law of life could not be changed, thus, we reached various incorrect conclusions arbitrarily. This has reminded me of the words by the financial wizard Sorrows who raised the financial storm of Southeast Asia: “All our views about this world are defective and distorted”. The same is true of our views on life. Perhaps, all our views on life have serious defects and distortions.

 We have such an old saying: “Nothing in the world is difficult for one who sets his mind on it”. Any hard thing in the world will become easy to a willing mind. Such people are those who can understand and utilize the law comprehensively and profoundly, and those who are good at creating conditions to change the law. Before such people, the “hard thing” of eternal life will also become an “easy matter” ultimately.

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