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The Second Declaration published by Essential Culture for Wang Xiaoping

A Little Girl – Calling to the Great World on Mankind Future

Essential Culture” published Wang Xiaoping‘s first set of books, Ability Panic (containing three volumes),which is a monograph on learning methods and ways to success, written according to Wang Xiaoping’s own experience. The book offers brand-new definitions on people’s ability, learning and success, being reflective thinking on personal ability and learning.

The Second Declaration (containing two volumes) is the second set of books published by “Essential Culture” for Wang Xiaoping. This little girl from Chongqing is so ambitious: this time, she wants to discuss the future of mankind, and tries to offer a blueprint for people’s future.

Man’s intelligence is incomparable to other life-forms. Hence,we can dominate the world,even determine the living or death of other species. But is mankind able to determine its own future? According to Wang Xiaoping, the answer is “Yes”. Technological development is at a tremendous pace,and many revolutionary scientific achievements such as biologic technology, gene technology and so on seem to tell mankind: We shall be able to master everything, including life and death.

What Wang Xiaoping proposes in her book is a conception of “a world commonwealth”, but the real world is another matter. Yet, from a backfisch’s innocent heart, Wang Xiaoping has expressed her wish and appeal for the future of mankind. She even wrote an open letter to Annam, secretary-general of the United Nations, to utter her opinion that the UN should and can play a more active role.

Maybe someone will poke fun at her for her naivety: how can a small girl change the world by her own force? Indeed, a small girl cannot change the world by herself. But seeing a girl in her 20’s can also express her concern and expectation for mankind’s future, will those laughing at her not feel ashamed?

The argument in The Second Declaration may have much to be desired,but the author’s sincerity is doubtless. I especially hope the young people in Hong Kong will do more thinking and discussion on this set of books, and learn from the author’s broad vision and mind.

—He Zhicheng, Director General of Economy Week Publishing Group

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