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The Second Declaration on futurology after publication of Ability Panic

      Wang Xiaoping is a very excellent girl. She is courageous enough to break away from mundane traditional ideas and walk independently, and also bold enough to open her mind to the society.

     The Second Declaration is another book of hers on futurology after the publication of her Ability Panic that propagates the Dacheng wisdom, and from this we can trace her mental journey in growing into an unusually wise girl. Her viewpoint has transcended Toffler’s foresight on the revolution of new science, and also coincided with Professor Lazlo’s worry about the “Great Change”.

       Wang Xiaoping said: “So long as we humanize high technology and unite all human beings together, mankind will be able to ‘go straight up to Heaven’, leaping to immortals characterized by eternal life and extreme happiness;Meanwhile, only by humanization of high technology and great union of whole mankind can we avoid ‘going down to Hell’, that is, free ourselves from the fear about perishing of the earth and mankind.” “To unite mankind into one, we must rely on the birth of the new culture that represents the higher interest of the whole mankind, transcending national or any other narrow interest.” And these sayings are also similar to the new Taoist culture I have been advocating.

       At the small age of 15, Wang Xiaoping left school,and began to practice her Dacheng education theory. It is just because of her lack of traditional training that she has kept the naturalness and purity of a girl in a greater degree, which turns out to accord naturally with the life philosophy of Taoism! Taoism takes the life of a person as the root, which has inspired Wang Xiaoping to make the declaration about becoming immortal for all human beings. The young girl, “is always looking forward to the future in mind;always watching the world by her eyes;always grasping the present by her hands;always transcending the times in walking.” If all the 1.3 billion Chinese people have such a character, there would be no need to worry about over-crowdedness. First of all, her book is worth reading for those old citizens who have become highly accomplished and quite famous!

             I hope Miss Wang Xiaoping will not be burdened by her fame, constantly strive to become greater by returning from extensive study to in-depth research, escalating from in-depth research to direct realization, so as to become a truly great genius. 

—-Fu Fuchen, a tutor of Ph.D candidates of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, famous philosopher and Taoist

Please read The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping at

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