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Taiji Principle of Preserving Health with Movements

Tai Chi is origin for all things to be generated and developed. It is also origin of natural movement and life movement. Because the Two Qi of Yin and Yang are moving endlessly, they generate eternal heaven and earth accommodating everything, people and things between he heaven and the earth. In accordance with the the Diagram of “Hollow Circle”  and “Yi with Tai Chi Diagram” in “Tai Chi Diagram”, the Yin Qi and Yang Qi in “Tai Chi” Circle endlessly transform and convert, accordingly the Yin and Yang, Eight Diagrams transform and convert diversely. If put together all visions of “Yin and Yang Fish Tai Chi Diagram which had be seen in different directions or different times by the ancient and in different positions of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi will compose a rotating sphere.

To sum up, in accordance with the theory of Tai Chi, movement is the basis of all things’ generation and development, in accordance with this theory; people shall be healthy only by doing sports excises. To prolong our life, we must do sports too. Hence, “preserving health with movement” is the basic principle of Tai Chi Movement Concept. The “movement” in these rules was continuous movement and dynamic balance, which seeks serenity in movement.

a. In accordance with requirements of Tai Chi ancient table, Tai Chi sports shall continually move as “Tai Chi-Yin and Yang”. “Just like Yangtze River and the sea flow endlessly” (“Lian Rangtang Tai Chi Table, Terms of Tai Chi”). To adopt this operation of Yiqi (Mind and Qi) in Taijquan, it is required to be continual and circulated. (“Yang Style Tai Chi, Ten Essentials of Tai Chi Theory” by Yang Dengpu). To apply this theory in limbs movement of Tai Chi, it was required to “Complete the Thirteen Trends in one breathe”, in a word, “The bones in the body are collaborating, Qi is smooth and Yi is continuous.” (“Tai Chi Use Method” by Yang Dengpu).

b. Seeking Serenity in Movement in Tai Chi

“Preserving health with movement” in Tai Chi Sports Viewpoint, emphasizes that movement is absolute, at the same time pursuing the serene balance state of “seeking serenity in movement”. This concept in Tai Chi is probably influenced by the serenity idea in Zhou Dunyi’s Illustrations of Tai Chi and Common Book. In the former book, Mr. Zhou put forward that “The sage prescribed the principals of behavior: neutral, uprightness, benevolence and righteousness. And inner serenity is the highest standard of establishing oneself.” It requires that inner serenity should be the highest standard of conducting oneself in Tai Chi-life transformation and in capriciousness of life. Mr. Zhou also mentioned in Common Book that “moving and non-moving, serene and non-serene, it is the spirit; moving and non-moving, serene and non-serene, it is not that it is neither moving nor serene.” (Common Book •Movement and Serenity). What Mr. Zhou described is rightly the “dynamic balance” state of serenity in movement, movement in serenity, interdependence of movement and serenity that Tai Chi practioners seek for. Ancient books on Tai Chi described it as “more moving than seeming serene, more serene than seeming moving. Concentrating spirit inside, showing ease outside.”(Explanations on Tai Chi by Wu Yuxiang).

In practicing Tai Chi, the method of “seeking serenity in movement” is “moving the body while keeping the mind serene, holding breath while relaxing the spirit.”(Key words on Tai Chi by Wu Yuxiang). That is to say, while moving the body, the inner mind should be concentrated, the inner breath should be slow and constant, thus comparative inner serenity appears and serenity in movement achieved.

In summary, “the principle of Preserving Health With Movement” in Tai Chi exercise concept is to “seeking serenity in movement in incessant continuous movement, and to pursue dynamic balance.”

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