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Taihu Lake – vast expanse of mist rolling waters

Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake, a vast expanse of mist, rolling waters blend with the sky in the distance.

The islands scatter here and there, partly hidden and partly visible. The lake is surrounded by small hills and the hills are covered overlapping green vegetations. If you want to pay a visit to Taihu Lake, you’d better start form Wuxi, because it condenses all the beauty of the lake. Particularly the Guitouzhe, it is encircled by water on three sides and looks like a turtle crawling in water. Climbing to the head of the turtle, all the beautiful sceneries of Taihu Lake will meet with your eyes.

A famous poet of Tang Dynasty has a poem about Taihu Lake, it reads: “autumn rains are falling to all neighborhoods, light breeze passes the terrace gently; I am quite melancholy because I couldn’t see an ancient saint, I can only see trees in mists on the other side of the lake”.

Hua Mountain China

Hua Mountain locates in Huayin county of Shanxi Province. It faces the Yellow River in the north and connects with Qinling Mountain in the south.

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