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Tai Chi Health Protection Function to Different Systems

A number of experiment results show that: Persistent practice of Tai Chi may remarkably improve and moderate functions of different systems of the body.



The influence on Nervous System

The brain is a main component of the body, and is the center of nervous system, so it is called as “The Sea of Intelligence.” The structure and function of the brain is significantly important for human intelligence and thought.

Although the weight of the brain is one fiftieth of the body, its function and significance are bigger than any other organ. There are about 14 billion brain cells, they don’t have regeneration ability, and they will decrease in number with growth of age. Practice of Tai Chi may improve the symptom of decrease of brain cells, and make the brain function keep well.

A research result from electroencephalogram of a famous Tai Chipracticer shows that when he practiced Tai Chi, his αrhythm of brain wave had been strengthened, and the predominance of αwave lobus occipitals had been turned to strengthening two semispheres’ symmetry of lobus frontalis, at the same time the W wave activity had been strengthened, this explains that the entrance into severity of Tai Chi makes physiological activity of brain cells appear better synchronous and orderly oriented changes. In recent years, through further observation on electroencephalogram, found that during the phase of practice, the α rhythm andβrhythm activities get strengthened. This shows that when the practices reach high level, the brain function will be expanded and strengthened in inside constraint process, also exist a kind of active state in the basis of higher order. This kind of active state ofβrhythm sometimes appears in the right frontal lobus (non-language thinking area), this state not only strengthens and adjusts the function of brain, but also places a premium on potential function of the right brain. Aforementioned experimental result shows that practice of Tai Chiwill effectively improves the function of nervous system.

The influence on Endocrine System

The endocrine system of the body is significantly related with health condition. For the women, dihydrotheelin excreted from ovary keeps normal emmenia periodical activity; it also has important adjustment function on metabolism, bone density and emotion, etc. A research result shows that: the practice of Tai Chieffects the exertion activity of ovary also, mainly urge ovary exert E2 to increase density of E2 in body, this will be in favor of keeping periodical emmenia and delaying osteoporosis. The age of coming menopause for the old women who practice Tai Chiis significantly late than ones who do not practices any kind of sports, this explains that the practice of Tai Chisignificantly improve human nerve-endocrine adjustment function, delay the senility process of ovary, prolong the life.

A research result reveals that: Contrary to aforementioned research result, the exertion of dihydrotheelin of women who are engaged in heavy sports is remarkably lowered, they can not keep normal emmenia period, and most of them have experiences in different degrees of irregular menstruation, menostasis or dysmenorrhea. They also have experiences of defective symptoms, such as decrease in bone density, biggish emotion fluctuation etc.

The function of thyroid gland hormone is to take part in adjustment of metabolism of sugar, fat, protein and energy; the sexual hormone not only directly effects growth and procreation function, but also effects protein composition significantly. The research on the old shows that: long term practice of Tai Chi can slow down the function decrease of thyroid gland and sex gland, accordingly can slow down the senility.

The influence on Circulatory System

WHO has denominated Tai Chias a heart health recovery sports item? Each kind of Tai Chiand its subsidiary methods are all able to lower the blood pressure index of hypertensive patients, ameliorate cardiovascular function of practicers. For example, a clinical observation on high blood pressure and coronary heart disease patients after Tai Chi practice, when they practice for a period of treatment (three months), their blood pressure has been lowered significantly, hypotensive effect has reached 80.0%, and cardiogram abnormality also had been ameliorated.

Tests show that: Yang style Tai Chi significantly improves heart function of the old. Through one-month practice, testee’s heart rate had been lowered, the practice may cause decrease in oxygen consumption of heart muscle; decrease of blood pressure demonstrates that Tai Chi may increase elasticity of artery tube wall; the significant improvement of output volume ejection fraction the number of minute for blood ejection show that the cardiac blood pumping efficiency has been improved; whereas improvement of the ventricular thickness and shrinkage of heart chamber show that blood provision for walls of heart chamber has been improved.

The research result of Chen Wenhe shows that: Tai Chi practicing may lower abnormality rate of microcirculation of nail fold, this explains that the growth of the pass volume of blood in organs and body causes improvement of blood circulation.

Analysis on rheoencephalogram of an old man who has practiced Tai Chifor two years shows that practicer’s cerebrovascular elasticity of person is well, cerebral blood flow has been significantly improved, this shows that Tai ChiSports has significant influence on growth of brain cells and prolonging life. Whereas the athletes who had he intensive sports training frequently feel dizziness, headache, lags in response, so heavy sports give ill-effect on blood supply for brain.

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