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Tai Chi Associated with Human Health

Chinese Tai Chi has been developed over 300 years since it has formed. It is a precious pearl in cultural relics of the ancient oriental civilization. With its rich philosophical foundation and remarkable health protection effect, it has attracted interest of a number of people across the world, they choose Chinese Tai Chi as a measure of preserving and protecting health.

In addition, many of medicinal experts, psychologists, physicists cal scientists and philosophers have devoted themselves into the research and application of Tai Chi. With their rich and efficient work results, we are able to rather systematically have acquaintance with the rich contents of Tai Chi and its great modern social value on the standard of modern age and scientific attitude.

Threaten of Modern Society to Human Health

The impact of new global scientific revolution makes our society develops quickly. The IT industry featured by computer penetrates every aspect of social lives. This show that the information communication between people and between human and the environment is growing rapidly in this information society, and forces people have more pressure for their independent selection. Those all will take enormous and profound effect on human body and mentality.

A research team directed by Homus, a professor of Medical College of Washington University has collected a “Life Variance” Index of thousands of people. In this investigation, they have come into a result that: between solders and ordinary people, pregnant women and leucocythemia patients, college student athletes and retirees there exist the same striking phenomenal people who are in higher life variance would have bigger possibility to get disease next year comparing with their colleagues.
Professor Homus considers that the adoption and adjustment for the changes of life style with great effort has an intimate relation to diseases in despite of whether those changes are under direct control of us or fit for our intention. He came into a result that: higher degree of life variance will take higher degree of danger to get diseases.

Viewing from either physiological or mental points, there exist limits for human to receive the new and different information and adapt to the changes of environment. However, the drastic changes in this information society, the over-stimulation to human phsychology by social enviorements and great pressure from modern life, all these once exceed the limitation of human to bear, it will destroy human being’s physiological and mental balance systems; and will lower human ability to response promptly and correctly, many experimental results have proven this point. In case people in information society are forced to make excessive responses out of the scope of their bearable ability, they will get mental diseases. According to an article written in “Japan Times”: “We’ve never seen such connivance on squeamish activity in a large scale.” Those phenomena show that on one hand, the rapid development of modern society brings great material and spiritual civilizations for human, and on the other hand, it also causes many diseases for human, including new threats on human health.

Requirements of the Modern Society to Health Protection Theories and Methods

Under new social environment, more and more medical experts realized that diseases are not caused only by specific simplex dynamic reasons such as bacteria and viruses, but by many factors including the general characters of the environment in which human live. Human shall be deemed as a part of the whole natural system; its health condition depends on many exterior factors, which are not easy to control. The traditional health concept to say that one is healthy without receiving disease harassment is out of date at all. The World Health Organization has newly defined on the health: “Health does not only mean good physical status, it shall also include mentally and socially well-been status”. This new definition causes qualitative changes on the knowledge of diseases for the people, in turn causes changes in the purpose of seeking health for the people, and utter more comprehensive requirements on theories and methods of health mainly including:

The theories and methods of modern society not only function on biological human, but also on mental human.

The theories and methods of modern society shall inherit and mobilize all of splendid achievements and multiple methods of human civilization.

The theories and methods of modern society shall strive to accommodate to the human life characters in modern age and future.
With this background, the traditional Chinese Tai Chi has attracted interests of a number of people across the world and plays more and more important role in modern life with its rich philosophical foundation, extensive public practice and obvious health protection effect.

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