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Switzerland Tour Guide: Reminiscent, Exciting Trip to Mount Rigi After Dark

Your spirits will rise right away: Every Friday from Dec 4, 2009 to March 26, 2010,  in the world’s oldest and comfortably heated electric cogwheel train still in operation, you will experience an unforgettable fondue party on the Rigi this winter.

Every Friday evening, until March 26, 2010, the world’s oldest operable electric cogwheel train (built in 1911) crawls from Goldau to the summit of the Rigi for an unforgettable fondue experience.

Visitors are already served an apéritif on the cozy ride up the mountain. Upon arrival on Rigi Kulm they enjoy a wholesome cheese fondue in the stationary, heated nostalgic train. After a coffee “avec”, i.e., coffee with a dash of Kirsch, you will travel through snow-covered landscapes down to the valley of Goldau. During the entire ride a hostess will serve and pamper you.

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    Wonderful,a exciting trip in the cold winter!

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