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Summary – maintaining team identity

Summary – maintaining team identity

This section has looked at ides for maintaining team identity. The Into Action asks you to use some of these ideas with your own team. Having a strong team identity is important but it mustn’t be so strong that the team fails to consider the needs of people outside the team. Section 4 looks at relationships beyond the team.

Into Action

This Into Action asks you to put one of the ideas in this section into practice. Begin by making a list of the characteristics of your ideal team, bearing in mind what we have covered in this section. Examples could include: having regular team meetings feeling that everyone shares the same goals being able to solve problems together in a constructive way.

Then for each characteristic, identify the main barrier(s) that are currently stopping you reaching the ideal. For example, it may be difficult to have regular team meetings if several people are part time or work different shifts. Next, consider each barrier.

What could you do to overcome this barrier? For example, if people work different shifts, could you get together over a coffee during the changeover period between shifts?

Finally, choose one of your suggestions for overcoming a barrier.

Plan how you can do this and over the next couple of weeks, put your plan into action. 1 Characteristics of ideal team 2 Barriers 3 Ways to overcome barriers 4 Plan for overcoming one barrier

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