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Sufferings and calamities of mankind

For thousands of years, the deep-rooted ideas in the human mind are “It is hard for a person to live to be one hundred years old” and “Everyone must die”… We have taken such ideas for granted, believing them to be truth without exception. Even if science has already proved mankind can break through the natural limit of life span, and can “realize the dream to live a thousand years before 2030”, they do not want to do so although it is probable, and even are afraid to do so, just because it is against the traditional concept. If someone has broken the traditional concept,he will often be labeled as “absurd”, “prattling”, “terrible” and so on. If you say we can not only live to be a thousand years old, but also live forever ultimately, and mankind can evolve into immortals finally… You will be sneered at or laughed at by many people. For mankind’s mind-set is:Once we have built up a fixed concept,when a new idea meeting the new condition is against the old concept, we do not reflect whether the old concept is right or wrong, but use the old concept to judge whether the new one is right or wrong.

 Almost all the sufferings and calamities of mankind are caused by mankind itself, being results of mankind’s own wrong ideology. Only by changing the wrong ideology can we change the wrong ways of thinking, wrong patterns of behavior, wrong ways of life and wrong ways of survival resulting from the wrong ideology! Only by establishing the right ideology and getting rid of the ideology impeding mankind’s happiness and blocking mankind’s life development, can we get a bright future.

 What can control everything is we ourselves, that is, our ideology. Tagore said: “Mankind’s perpetual happiness does not lie in the acquisition of anything, but lies in giving himself to something greater than himself, giving to a concept that is greater than his individual life…  Such a concept may make it easier for mankind to give up everything he has, even his own life. Before mankind finds out a great concept, his existence is unfortunate and pitiful, and only such a great concept may liberate him.” The crux of the matter is,whether we have found such a great concept.

 Today,what kind of concepts should we build up to be suitable to the technological revolution, boost the technological revolution and speed up development for enhancement of mankind’s happiness? We should build up a concept “Everything centers around the human, and the human centers around his life” to treat life sciences and gene technology study,so that we may enjoy the limitless happiness brought about by technological revolution;We should set the concept “Treasure peace and harmony, and seek mutual benefit and winning together”, so that we may prevent the tragedies of constant appearance of high and new weapons,  constant escalation of arms race, continual aggravating of terrorism and continual approaching of mankind’s self-destruction, but develop towards mankind’s pulling together and helping each other so as to create a bright future together;We should set the concept “The world is changing, and everything is changing”, so that we may prevent conservative and outmoded ethic ideas from impeding technological revolution, so that mankind may keep abreast with the times and keep a most tolerant and most active state of mind in boosting technical changes continually!

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