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Shaolin Panther Style Features and Techniques

Panther Style is a style of Chinese Kung Fu. It is also a style for those who believe that most conflict, most attackers can be out-thought, out-maneuvered and out-classes. The Panther stylist would prefer not to stand in the way of a any attack, seeking to run and hide although in a dignified and not cowardly way (for he who live to fight another day, chooses the time and place and a winning way). He is the one who will choose the time and place and method of any conflict, preferring to spend time planning and maneuvering in such a way that the conflict was won before the opponent relies that round 2 had begun (The Conflict is won, before the battle begins – The Book of 5 Rings).

If directly confronted, the Panther Stylist would seek to confuse, confound, bluff, cajole, bribe even reason with the attacker. In essence they would seek to join the situation to one where they feel they have the greater control; even to the point of changing the rules of engagement to suit them.

In a way, the Shaolin Panther Stylist may be best compared to Japanese Ninja, not the Assassin aspect, but the method of operations. They would always prefer to avoid a direct confrontation seeking to work out of the background, from the shadows, indirectly through others seeking to surprise, confuse and eliminate (the problem preferably).

In a Martial Art sense you will develop unusual technique, focus on strategies such as hit-and-run coupled with techniques that confound the mind and sense of the attacker. You do not need to be particularly strong as Panther Stylist, nor do you need to be very quick; agility needs not be your strength and not precision. You are a bit of a jack-of-all-trades as far as your skills and abilities and well versed in the usage of techniques, not specializing in any but comfortable in knowing and being able to using most.

Mentally, you need to be a Thinker, Gatherer of (pertinent) Knowledge, lover of Strategies, Unusualities, Oddities et al. You will learn to lay plans and learn from the success and failures; you will learn about the nature of Yin and Yang and the interdependence of opponents. You will also learn that rigid application of anything will make you predictable and thus vulnerable and thus become a master of Chaos, a Chaos based in order.

The Panther Stylist is a very knowledgeable personage that prefers to prepare, plan and perform with a minimum of effort and greatest chance for success, with minimal self involvement or risk.

The Panthers Defence

The greatest defence of all time is “Not Being There”, where the attack is to happen or is finding place. The Panther Stylist learns the secrets of the Active and Formative Defence; the Defence that is an Attack and the Defence that is Water. The Panther Stylists learn the skill of the small overcoming the large, the weak overcoming the strong, the slow overcoming the swift and the stupid destroying itself; by confounding, confuses and

The Panthers Attack

As complex as attack go with only one thing in common; for the object of attack it will seem utter chaos. The Panther seeks to wear down the opponent, inflicting small damages, breaks and debilitations. A chipping away at unexpected times, in unexpected ways with dire consequences. The Panther will decide when the attack is over; sometimes allowing it to stop before the utter exhaustion of the opponent, sometimes sooner, sometimes never. Seeming complexity, chaos and utter control over the situation. From the Panthers point of view, well planned, deliver with perfect timing and highest degree of safety and success to the Panther Stylist; for they are the Lords and Ladies of the Animal Styles.

The Panthers Strategy

The Panther is a style of Planning and Strategy. There is a legend of The Ghost Spear Fishers that may best exemplify a Panther strategy and style. In short though, the Panther Stylist is the master of manipulation, star of strategy and application, and a jack of many, many trades. The Panther Stylist may be called lazy, although they would call it intelligence to get others to do the work for them. Some might call them minimalistic, even austere; they would prefer to say that they do not weigh themselves down with the unnecessary. Some might call them schemers and manipulators, the Panther Stylist .. might agree with this.

The Panthers Training

From all the Animal Stylists, it is the Panther that is the most broad based. it is not that they learn everything at once, no, they learn something very well, use it, improve it and move on. Where by the other animals, once they have specialized, mastered and proven their techniques, the Panther Stylist will always look for more, the unusual and the bizarre. A true Panther Stylist though will ensure that what they have learned is well practiced and trailed; well enough that in their own mind they a sure it will be available when they need it.

The Panther Stylist

The ideal Panther is a Thinker. Preferably high IQ, possibly good broad based higher education, a person who is deeply interested in the martial arts. Some Panther Stylist lack the patience to become a Panther and go through life as a bitsa-master (bits of this and bits of that) without really having anything. A Shaolin Panther Stylist will spend some time on each focus, enough to make them as much as a Master before they move on to the next. The principle problems of a Panther are sometimes a lack of reliability, inability to get things done and an expectations that some things will just happen ‘magically’ for them. Sometimes they are to uninvolved and fence sitters. On the upside, they have the ability of Sharp Insight, Recognition of the Situation, High IQ and EQ coupled with a good ability to research and plan. They are happiest when they are the center of everything with out having to do anything.

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