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Sex tips: how to prolong erection

I don’t know any man who would say no to a longer penis. Actually, the secret to pleasure your woman every time is to keep your penis up longer.There are certain techniques you can use to assure that.

First step is watching your diet. A long lasting erection takes up a lot of nutrients, therefore you need to make sure your body receives enough of them. The crucial source of energy is carbohydrates, so include such foods as pasta, brown rice, potatoes, and bread in your diet. Another important element is zinc, which is essential for production of sperm. Zinc can be found in seafood, beef liver, raw cashews and pecans. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and getting a sufficient amount of oils in your diet helps lower your cholesterol and keep your blood vessels in good condition. Blood vessels are responsible for delivering blood to the penis, which is the key element of an erection, and nitric oxide, which causes the penile tissue to relax and accept the blood. Avoid eating a lot right before having sex, allow at least an hour so that all the consumed food is properly digested.

Another way to prolong erection is to limit your sensitivity. The easiest and most obvious way of doing it is wearing a condom. You can also try focusing on something other than sex. Whenever you feel like you are about to lose control take your mind off the activity at hand for just long enough to avoid ejaculation but not lose your erection.

There are certain exercises you can do to help strengthen and control your PC muscle and other abdominal muscles that hold your erection. These exercises are very easy, you could even do them at work without anyone knowing, and don’t require much time, 15-20 minutes a day. For these exercises to be effective, you have to perform them on a consistent basis. Not only will these exercises help you gain harder and longer erections on demand but also improve your overall penis health and increase your sex drive and stamina. You can find a detailed description of how to perform these exercises by searching for “Kegel exercises” in any search engine.

If you are smoking or drinking in excess, you might want to cut back or quit altogether. Smoking constricts blood vessels and leads to bad blood circulation, which could even lead to erectile dysfunction. Drinking too much alcohol makes your penis lose sensitivity and can inflate your prostate.

The last step is trying a penis ring. Penis rings are used to make penis firmer and harder for a longer period of time and to delay and intensify the orgasm by constricting the blood flow and keeping it at the shaft of the penis. Penis rings are made of different materials such as rubber, leather, metal or plastic. There are also different styles of penis rings, varying based on where they are worn, whether they are just one size or adjustable, some have extra straps to go around the testicles and so on. All these differences in design will not affect the erection, the only difference it will make is how your genitals feel. Penis rings are very safe as long as they are being used properly. Do not keep a penis ring on for longer than 30 minutes. If you feel any pain or discomfort, be sure to remove it immediately.

These are the steps to follow to have long lasting erections that will always leave your partner satisfied. But most important of all don’t stress out about it too much, feel confident about yourself and enjoy your sex life!

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