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Science creates gods, technology boosts the abrupt change from man to god

Science and technology create gods; Science and technology constitute the way for the abrupt change from man to god. Labor creates mankind; Labor is the way for the abrupt change from ape to man.

“One person equals one country”, that is the value of a great genius! One person may change one country’s position in the pattern of the whole world! If all the 1.2 billion people of China are like Qian Xuesen, China’s comprehensive national power will surely shock the whole world, and be matchless! The deified human-centered production will just mean producing omniscient geniuses with the highest virtues and supreme beauty, making all people as capable as Qian Xuesen, or, one person in future might be equal to 100 or 1000 Qian Xuesens in ability and wisdom. Imagine, what a great change or sudden change it will cause to the productive forces of the whole society!

We can use high technology in eugenics,letting ourselves play the role of God to do godly human production, that is, to improve human gene,so that people may have the basic quality of a super genius as soon as they are born.

Moreover,we can do overall optimization of education using science and technology.

By all sorts of high technology means,we can transcend all restrictions so as to build up a magical global education system with the minimum cost and the maximum efficiency. Anyone may get the optimal education at any moment and place. We may provide him the most needed knowledge, skills and wisdom, and offer him the conditions for getting such knowledge, skills and wisdom most conveniently and most efficiently. Thus, education may become highly quality-oriented and highly individualized, and can be available for all the lifetime.

Meanwhile,the deified human production will also need optimization of the body through science and technology. We may use high technology to optimize all aspects of the person from inside to outside. As for optimization of birth, education and body through science and technology, there are detailed explanations in the previous sections; hence, there is no need to give any detail here.

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