Zhuangzi Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Pour oil of interest onto the fire of mankinds wisdom

Many problems we are faced with today resulted actually from social causes. Poverty, crimes, corruption, environmental pollution, terrorist events, war…  all can find their sticking point from the society. In a sense, every criminal is guiltless,because it was chiefly the social causes that have pushed them into the abyss of disaster. Even those corrupt elements […]

Man Will Live Such a Long Life As God Does

In Chapter of Tolerance of Zhuangzi, there is a story about Yellow Emperor going into the mountains to seek the Way. Yellow Emperor ruled China for nineteen years, and his ruling was free from corruption. When he heard Guangchengzi (a sage) was living in Kongtong Mountain, he went to visit him. He said to Guangchengzi: […]

Labor created mankind and technology creates immortals

    The ancients’ dream of becoming immortal has lasted for several thousand years. With regard to such a dream, most people think it is only in the clouds, being beautiful but incredible. Let Immortals Step down the Altar.The legend on immortals is of long standing in China.  What is the “immortal” like in the eyes […]