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Respecting Wisdom and Despising Folly

Respecting wisdom and despising folly is also a fundamental humanity. The Greek-rooted word “philosophy” just means “loving wisdom”. Mankind loves wisdom, sometimes their impulse for seeking wisdom is even stronger than the impulse for seeking joy, and they have an insuppressible respect, admiration and worship for wise people. Our love for the mastermind Zhuge Liang […]

Becoming gods to maximize mankind joy

Omniscience and omnipotence means reaching the peak in wisdom and ability.  For a person, wisdom and ability are the roots of his joy. Sukhomlinskkie said quite well: “One person’s happiness is just the happiness of a society, and after all, it depends on the abilities shown in the person and depends on the outstanding abilities […]

Wang Xiaoping tells you what the future will be like

Comments and Recommendations from Scholars of Science of Creation on The Second Declaration It is no wonder that an ancient nation blowing a reed pipe and riding an ox in an inverse manner likes “to look behind”. That a little girl has turned out such a great work in China’s academic world lacking fruits in […]

Wang Xiaopings achievement will come out with The Second Declaration

Comments and Appraises from Economists on The Second Declaration If there is a “knowledge measurer” to measure all the girls under 21 in our country, I believe  Wang Xiaoping‘s score will come out at the top, even if it is not No.1. After reading the book, I was amazed:A 21-year-old girl should have such encyclopaedical […]

A Shocking Future Picture of The Second Declaration

The Second Declaration Wang Xiaoping To get rid of the tribulation of aging, disease and death, is mankind’s eternal wish;To steal the heavenly fire of life is mankind’s perpetual dream. Can such a wish be realized? Yes! Can such a dream become reality? Yes! By the miraculous power of technology, mankind will realize the dream […]

Important Lessons from The Second Declaration

        Darwin’s evolutionism helped the founding of Marxist philosophy. The fundamental point of Marxism is the liberation of the human. Marx proposed the theory of all-round development of the human in moral, intelligence, health, esthetics and enjoyment, and founded the great ideal of communist society. Marxist theory has transcended many Utopian socialist phantasies, inspired the […]

Extraordinary Girl, Extraordinary Thought and Extraordinary Book

        I have got hold of an extremely wonderful book, The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping.   Why is it called “The Second Declaration”? Wang Xiaoping says there are two declarations in mankind’s history.        The first declaration is to declare where mankind came from. In order to survive and develop in the threat of natural […]

The Second Declaration that the future determines the present

The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping elucidates the truth that the future determines the present. In such an era characterized by great changes, everyone should learn to understand the future, cope with the future and manage the future. In the author’s writing, the future is so fascinating. In a vivid style of writing, she opens […]

Recommendations by Experts for The Second Declaration

Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management and Master in Masters, said that, the next information revolution is not a revolution in technology, machinery, techniques, software, or speed; it is a revolution in CONCEPTS. The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping will raise a revolution in concepts. Recommendations by Experts: A wise girl thinks wisely, utters her wisdom, […]

Bibliography of Author of Team Flying

Bibliography of Author of Team Flying Adair, J (1987) Effective teambuilding, Pan, London De Bono, E (1985) Six thinking hats, Viking, Middlesex. Eales-White, R (1996) How to be a better teambuilder, Kogan Page, London Fisher, R and Sharp, A (1998) Lateral leadership: getting things done when you are not the boss, HarperCollins Publishers, London Guirdham, […]