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Honeymoon Travel Advices: Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Chinese super movie star Tony leung chiu wai held the enviable wedding in India, the perfect wedding and romantic honeymoon proved that India is a great honeymoon destination up to the hilt. The Indian Honeymoon Destinations offer a vast choice for having the perfect Exotic Honeymoons.

Destination Weddings Guide: Hold Romantic Wedding on Grand Bahama Island Bahamas

Hold a romantic wedding on rrand Bahama Island Bahamas. Destination Weddings have in recent years become accessible to more and more couples looking to add an “exotic twist” to their special ceremony. Acclaimed as being like no other, Bahamian culture has embraced native Indian customs and that of its diverse historical past with the Bahamas boasting a friendly, warm atmosphere that will ENCHANT.

Wedding Ceremony of China Tu Nationality

The wedding ceremonies of the Tu people are lively, interest and very characteristic. The whole procedures from proposal and determination of marriage, giving gifts, wedding ceremony, reciprocal banquet and etc. are carried out in song and dance. After entering the husband’s home, the bride is not allowed to enter the room until she walks through […]