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Gate of Heavenly Peace, Tian’anmen Square Travel Guide

Situated on the heart of Beijing, Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace) was initially erected in 1417, known as Chengtianmen (Gate of Receiving Orders from Heaven). It was rebuilt and given its present name. The gate itself consists of a grand platform surmounted by a wooden nine-bay gate-tower and five vaulted gateways below the gate-tower.

China Tour Guide: A Popular Boat Trip to Guilin Li River

One of the most-visited Chinese cities, Guilin, located in the northeastern part of the Guangxi Province, 500km (310 miles) NW of Hong Kong, 1,675km (1,039 miles) SW of Beijing, has long been famous for its limestone karst hills.

Tour Promotion Speech on News Release Conference of Asian Boao Travel Forum

Asian Boao Forum co-sponsored by the China National Travel Agency and the Asian Bo’ao forum will be held in the Guilin City. An honor for the People’s Government of Guilin City to hold such a high-level significant forum.

Laji Mountain – Magic Spring with Medicinal Water

Laji Mountain is located 40km south to Xining, the mountain can be reached from Maji Valley of Huangzhong County along the red mountain ridges. The mountain is capped with snow even in May and June when the flowers and grasses at Yaoshui Beach in the valley are thriving. Marshes and warm springs are widespread at […]

Bayangela Mountain – ancestor mountain in Tibetan language

Bayangela Mountain means “ancestor mountain” in Tibetan language. Located between the headstreams of the Yellow River and Tongtian River, the mountain is characterized by high elevation, great momentum, complex climate and rich rainfall. The Yellow River is originated from Maqu River (“peacock river” in Tibetan Language) in Yueguzonglie Basin at the northern foot of the […]

Kunlun Mountain – Magic Mountain of China

Kunlun Mountain is called “the 1st Magic Mountain of China”. It is said the owner of Kunlun Mountain is the mythical Western Mother Goddess and the Black Sea, the headstream of Kunlun River, is the abode of immortals.

Report on Green Forestations and China Tour

Report on Green Forestations and China Tour Green is the symbol of life. Without green, a place will appear to be lifeless; and human beings there, will lost the space of survival and the origin of life. Or more, the present people will repeat the history of some ancient civilizations. When there is green, desolate […]

20th Anniversary for Tour establishment of China and Thailand

The 20th Anniversary for the establishment of China and Thailand China and Thailand established their diplomatic relationship in 1975. The cultural communication in-between the two countries develop continuously. China held a series of exhibitions in Thailand including the exhibition of “jade clothes sewn with gold wire”, “Qin pottery figures” and “Chinese paintings”. Thailand also held […]

Beautiful scenery of Yards in South China

Yards in South China, condenses the scenery in the South of the Yangzi River and has unique styles of their own.  The layouts of the yards are small but the miniature hills, waterfalls and pavilions each shines more brilliantly in the other’s company. Ke Garden, was built by Zhang Jingxiu in Qing Dynasty. The garden […]

China Children life – Chinese Future

China Children’s life – Chinese Future Children are the flowers, hopes and the future of our motherland.  If we want to make them live happily, we must create a splendid future for them. If we want them to enjoy a merry childhood, to cultivate their hearts to love, we must let them learn necessary knowledge, […]