Tibetan Tour Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Buddha Reincarnation – animal reincarnation and human reincarnation

There are two kinds of reincarnation, “animal reincarnation” and “human reincarnation”in Buddha Reincarnation. In “animal reincarnation”, the player turns the incarnation drum clockwise, where a cycle of the drum equals a turn of scripture recitation. The reincarnation drum is like a barrel, filled with paper scriptures painted with color pattern and six-character truth in Tibetan […]

Buddha in the Sun – Lamas of Taer Temple

On the morning of April 15 and June 6 according to the lunar calendar each year, Lamas of Taer Temple carry the gigantic embossed Buddha more than 30m long and 20m wide to the Lotus Mountain for display in the sun, when the monks at the foot of the mountain side begin to perform religious […]

South Temple – ancient temple of Tibetan Buddhism

South Temple is an ancient temple of Ningma Sect, Tibetan Buddhism. With serene environment and sublime position, it was built on a separate peak with a height over 500m. Three sides of the peak are nearly vertical down and up with red sand rock cliffs. In South Temple, some of the buildings are located on […]

Sun Moon Mountain – Red Mountain for its red rocks

Sun & Moon Mountain is at the east of Qinghai Lake. The mountain was historically called Red Mountain for its red rocks. It is the boundary of the central agricultural area and the Qinghai-Tibet pastoral area. The landscapes in the east and west sides of the mountain are totally different. There are many beautiful legends […]