Tibetan Culture Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Dietary Culture – Tibetan Diet and Cooking

The major food of the Tibetan nationality is glutinous rice cake made through mixing roasted barley flour, butter and milk tea together. Such cakes are characterized of easy making, storing and carrying, good taste, hunger-resisting and rich nutrition. Cow and sheep meats are also their main foods. The Tibetan people always cook such meats to […]

Fresco – art of Tibetan Buddhism

Fresco is one of the arts of Tibetan Buddhism and as an art style most popular and unique in Taer Temple, it is one of the “Three Art Miracles” of the temple. Based on red, yellow and blue, its theme is outstanding with comparison. Except for being painted on the wall and pillar and beam, […]

Buddha Reincarnation – animal reincarnation and human reincarnation

There are two kinds of reincarnation, “animal reincarnation” and “human reincarnation”in Buddha Reincarnation. In “animal reincarnation”, the player turns the incarnation drum clockwise, where a cycle of the drum equals a turn of scripture recitation. The reincarnation drum is like a barrel, filled with paper scriptures painted with color pattern and six-character truth in Tibetan […]