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Tourists Spots of Qilian Mountain and Tibetan Area China

1、  Autumn Scene of Beishan 2、  Qilian County 3、  The Bottom of Qilian Mountain 4、  Beautiful Autumn and Wheat 5、  The Entrance of Kunlun Mountain 6、  The Magic Kunlun Mountain 7、  Mengda Tianchi, one of the three Tianchi Lakes of China 8、  The Source of Changjiang River 9、  The Source of Huanghe River 10、              The […]

Fresco – art of Tibetan Buddhism

Fresco is one of the arts of Tibetan Buddhism and as an art style most popular and unique in Taer Temple, it is one of the “Three Art Miracles” of the temple. Based on red, yellow and blue, its theme is outstanding with comparison. Except for being painted on the wall and pillar and beam, […]