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Wang Xiaoping to Transcend Alvin Toffler

What is the true source of the crisis of mankind? It is the lack of thinking on our own future. The 21st century calls for real thinkers caring about mankind’s future. I wish to be such a thinker.  In the recent two years, when people asked me what kind of books I was writing, I […]

Wang Xiaoping thinks wisely in The Second Declaration

Wang Xiaoping, a wise maiden thinks wisely, utters her wisdom, shows her wise concern for mankind and displays her sparking talent. Wang Xiaoping  is opening her wings of ideal,hovering in the future world, and showing her unique charm. The future is based on the present, the past signifies the present, and the present signifies the […]

A Shocking Future Picture – The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping for Human Being

To get rid of the tribulation of aging, disease and death, is mankind’s eternal wish;To steal the heavenly fire of life is mankind’s perpetual dream. Can such a wish be realized? Yes! Can such a dream become reality? Yes! By the miraculous power of technology, mankind will realize the dream of eternal living step by […]