THE SECOND DECLARATION Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Popteen

Organ transplantation: freeing body from damage

The only cause of many people’s death is the damage of an organ which endangers the life. Nevertheless,now, the day will come soon when all the organs of the human body can receive artificial transplantation,and the function of the artificial organs may improve limitlessly. Organ transplantation is one of the disciplines with the fastest speed […]

First Medicine: Bian Ya Medicine of 21st Century

The current medicine is chiefly a curing medicine,and can only be called “Second Medicine”,because only preventive medicine is the “First Medicine”. Developing from curing to prevention,from taking curing first to taking prevention first,is the megatrend of development of the present medicine in the world.  The great Chinese medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty […]

Great indeed is issue of life and death

From of old,mankind has repeated the same fate for thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions of times. Fresh lives have turned to bones of the dead one after another. All thinkers, philosophers, statesmen, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists… No matter how great they were,none could escape from such a tragedy. It reminds me of the deploring […]

Future Fact or Sientific Fantasy on Mankind Future

It is Wang Xiaoping’s 532nd birthday today, and many of her friends have come from various stars to congratulate her. Li Yichen has come from Mars, and just three minutes ago, she was consulting data in Damin History Library, she is quite satisfied with the speed of the interstellar instant transport;Ciolla has sent a 10,000-year-old […]

Tibetan Residence – pastoral on livestock farming

The Tibetan people in the pastoral area mainly live on livestock farming, with cow, sheep and horse as the major living materials. They live in camps made of cow skin, which are very easy for relocation. The Tibetan people in the agricultural area live in wooden single-storey houses, while the Tibetan people in the forest […]

New culture brings up the new mankind

Culture is never knowledge. Knowledge is just the surface color of the soul,but culture can penetrate your soul, melt into your blood, and get down to your marrow. If mankind can really possess the advanced human culture composed of the six major cultures, that is, the new culture of mankind, then, the present mankind may […]

Culture is DNA of mankind or a nation

Culture is the DNA of mankind or a nation. Culture is the second DNA of every person. The key to the changing of human behavior lies in the changing of the ideology;The key to the changing of ideology lies in the changing of the culture. When the person is upright, the world is upright. When […]

Chinese Culture, Western Mind and Eastern Traditions

Today,we possess information but do not possess culture;We possess knowledge but do not possess ideals;We possess technology but do not possess goals. The present era of mankind is just like what Charles Dickens described at the beginning of his A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of […]

Milton cried in his Paradise Lost for Evolution

 Milton cried in his Paradise Lost: “Wake up, wake up, or else we shall sink without end!” Mankind,wake up, hurry!  When mankind has really wakened, it will be aware of its direction: it is evolving into immortals. It is a great ideal without comparison,and meanwhile it is also a scientific prediction based on the dialectical […]

Becoming gods becomes tokens of waggery and absurdity

Now I am going to tell a story and an experiment. The protagonist is the elephant Lin Wang in the zoo. He is tied hard and fast by a small iron chain to a small cement pole. Lin Wang is both tall and strong,weighing several hundred kilograms,but he has been tied tamely all his life, […]