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Mankind needs second Renaissance

In the 21st century,mankind needs a second Renaissance,that is, a stormy ideological revolution! Only after the second Renaissance has come can an even greater technological revolution follow. Technological revolution and ideological revolution are the twin wings for mankind’s flight. Only when both wings have been used together can mankind soar to the incomparable fine world […]

Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly

 Technological advances have strengthened mankind greatly;Technological leaps have broke up the myth that everything was created by God;Maybe, it is just because of the technological revolution that Nietzschean cried “God has died”.  Technological impediments are not so hard to overcome or break through,and in contrast,what is hardest to break through or cross over is the […]

Mankind as Captives of their Concept

 What is surprising is,whatever you forecast,the truth is always underrated. Even the most extreme forecast lags behind the reality. (Negroponte)  Today,unprecedentedly great leaps have occurred in technology, which has made it possible for us to realize the great ideal of leaping to immortals. However,no corresponding great leap has ever occurred in people’s thinking and ideology. […]

People Are Prisoners of Their Ideology

A series of technological revolution have resulted in all sorts of high and new technology that might make the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty and Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty admire or envy beyond description. However,the biggest prison in the world is the prison of the brain. People are prisoners of their ideology. If there […]