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Mutual expectations – Team Identity

Mutual expectations When you work with another team, your team has an expectation of what it hopes to gain from the other team; the other team probably has an expectation of what it hopes to gain from your team. The sales team of a kitchen fitting business expects to receive ongoing information from the inventory […]

Summary – maintaining team identity

Summary – maintaining team identity This section has looked at ides for maintaining team identity. The Into Action asks you to use some of these ideas with your own team. Having a strong team identity is important but it mustn’t be so strong that the team fails to consider the needs of people outside the […]

Deciding as a team – Maintaining real sense of team identity

Deciding as a team Maintaining a real sense of team identity is important, but you need to be able to use this to get the work done. Above all, your team needs to be able to take effective decisions and to recognise and solve problems. Signs of effective team decision making include: The team takes […]

Maintaining team identity – Teleconference among conservation workers

Maintaining team identity In today’s workplace everyone is busy – very busy. It can be hard to build a sense of team identity, especially if some members of your team seldom work together because of shift patterns, part-time working or flexible hours. And even if you do work together, team meetings during normal hours may […]