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Useful Strategies for Success: Strategies for High-Caliber Education

General Strategies for Success: Strategies for High-Caliber Education. Weekly update for Chapter 1 Strategy for Caliber Study. Existing Caliber Study, Directing Rod and Key Point of High-Caliber Education.

How to Promote High-Caliber Education in Universities

How to Promote High-Caliber Education in Universities? Execution Method for High-Caliber Education: Vigorivols regarded this fact as the most important discovery in his life. I made the most important scientific discovery in my life.

High-Caliber Education and Knowledge: Fundamental Mode of Caliber Learning

High-Caliber Education and Knowledge: There are essential differences between caliber and knowledge. Because knowledge can be taught, but caliber can not be. The real caliber leaning shall be to use a reason after learning and to execute an affaire after understanding and shall be from knowledge study to behavior study as well as from theory study to practice study.

Chinese High-Caliber Education: What’s Wrong with China’s Education System

High-Caliber Education Development in China: Directing Rod and Key Point of High-Caliber Education. What’s Wrong with China’s Education System? The essence of high-caliber education is human-centered education. China’s education system may stifle innovation. Why does this phenomenon appear, and how to change it?

Caliber Study Project: High-Caliber Education, a Creative Denomination in China’s Education System

High-caliber education is a creative denomination in china’s education system. Pointed out by Chinese educational personnel after seeing all disadvantages of examination-oriented education. This can be seen in China’s Educational Reform Movements. High-caliber education and study has always been a subject both home and abroad.

Balance among Cooperative, Competitive and Individualistic Learning

You should make a balance among cooperative, competitive, and individualistic learning. Students should learn cooperatively, and engage cognitively, physically, emotionally and psychologically in constructing their own knowledge. The most significant objective for students should be to learn how to construct and maintain positive social relationships in all types of situations.

Key Points to Improve Cooperative Learning Strategies

How to improve cooperative learning strategies? Actually we’re discussing on teaching and learning methods. In our teaching and learning, we always make a choice or choices. Learning Together and/or Alone? We must have the skills to deal with different profitable relations on the stands.

Rate My Teacher Career: Why not to respect teachers?

Rate My Teacher: Why don’t you respect teachers? School Fights: Female Teacher and School Girl Conflict. A teacher compains the phenomemon that students and their parents do not respect teachers any more.

Capability Panic Book Summary: New Teaching & Learning Methods & Strategies

Book Summary: Capability Panic, a Bestselling Book Which Introduces New Teaching and Learning Methods and Strategies, Adopts the Methodology of Wholism and Simplism in Teaching Education. A book about teaching methods, teaching strategies and learning requirements.